Alameda’s Big Money Transfer Ahead of Bankruptcy – Ex-BlackRock CEO Says Bitcoin ETF Will Be Approved – US Debt Rises by 275 Billion in a Single Day

Alameda’s Big Money Transfer Ahead of Bankruptcy

According to a report by Nansen analysts, Alameda sent $4.1 billion worth of FTT tokens and $388 million worth of stablecoins to FTX between September 28 and November 1, before FTX went under. On-chain data showed that FTX holds around 80% of FTT’s total supply of 350 million, or 280 million shares. The bankruptcy of the Terra ecosystem and Three Arrows Capital led to liquidity issues for Alameda, possibly due to the decline in the value of FTT, which led to a secret $4 billion FTT-backed loan from FTX.

Former BlackRock CEO Says SEC Will Approve Bitcoin ETF

Steven Schoenfield, a former BlackRock managing director who is now CEO of MarketVector Indexes, says the US Securities and Exchange Commission will approve the Bitcoin spot ETF within 3 to 6 months. He also added that the SEC will approve all ETFs at the same time, they don’t think they will give an advantage to anyone. Finally, “There is the Grayscale case that the SEC lost. This means that they will most likely have to allow the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust to be converted into an ETF,” he concluded.

Ripple Receives Full Payment License from Singapore

Ripple received a full payment license from Singapore Subsidiary MAS. This license allows Ripple to provide digital payment token services. With this license, Ripple is now one of 15 organizations, including local branches of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase, Independent Reserve and

Total US Debt Increased by $275 Billion in a Single Day
According to analyst Joe Consorti, the total US debt increased by $275 billion in a single day. This increase corresponds to the total borrowing in the entire previous month. According to the Consorti, the current outstanding public debt has now risen to an unprecedented level of $33.442 trillion.

Stars Arena Replaces Friend.Tech

Stars Arena, which started operations last September, was very effective in Avax’s price increase. According to DappRadar, over 215,000 transfers took place on Monday. Trading volume exceeded 1.7 million dollars. Like Friend.Tech, users on Stars Arena also link their Twitter accounts to the platform. After that, users can trade other members’ profile tokens. Users just need to link an AVAX address to their profile to transfer money from the platform.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 27,690 with a 0.32% loss in value as of today morning hours. After failing to break through 28,500, a strong resistance level, it has re-entered outside the horizontal band. At the moment, 27,500 seems to be our first support level. With a break of this level, we can see the first 27,200 and then 26,800 levels. Our first resistance zone seems to be 28.500. If 28,500 is exceeded, we can see $30,000 levels.


ETH, which lost 0.12% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1644. With the decline in the market, it lost the $ 1660 level with a voluminous breakout. It seems to have found support at $1638, the middle of the horizontal band. Our first support position after the loss of 1638 may be the psychological support level of $1600. Then the $1530 level (the lower part of the horizontal band) could work as support. If we go above the $ 1680 level, we can see the $ 1750 level again and then $ 1800.


XRP is priced at $0.5275 with a 0.94% loss in value as of morning hours. With the news in Ripple last evening, we experienced an increase of nearly 7%. Although it pushed the 0.55 level, which is the upper position of the horizontal band, it could not provide permanence again. For the moment, the 0.5260 level is working as support. With the break of this level, we can see 0.52 and then 0.50. If a break above 0.5385 occurs, we can try again to break the 0.55 level upwards.


AVAX is priced at $ 10.03 with a 0.69% loss in value as of morning hours. With the popularization of Stars Arena, it has exceeded the $ 10 level, but it seems a little weak. In case of persistence above $10, we can see the $10.2 level as resistance again. In a pricing below $10, our first support position seems to be $9.8.


SOL is priced at $ 23.39 with a gain of 1.12% as of morning hours. SOL, which rose up to $ 25 on Tuesday, retreated to $ 22.60 when it could not maintain this level. With the double bottom formed in the 22.60 region, which works as a support level, it is possible to see the $ 25 level again. If the support level of 22.60 is broken downwards, it may be possible to retreat to the level of 22 dollars.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 7.673 with a 0.04% loss in value. After being under selling pressure at 8.2, it seems to have found support at 7.2. At the loss of 7.2 dollars, we are likely to see the 7.00 level first. With the realization of the upward break of $ 7.7, it is possible that we will see the 8.2 level again, which was previously seen as selling pressure.

ATOM is pricing at 6.953 with a 0.14% loss as of morning hours. ATOM, which has been moving horizontally for about 3 weeks, seems to have found support at 6.90. As long as it stays above this level, it is possible to see an upward movement up to $ 7.58, the upper level of the horizontal band. In the opposite scenario, with a break of the 6.90 support level, a retreat to 6.80 and 6.65 dollars may be possible.