Bitcoin ETFs Now Have Nearly $4 Billion in Assets: US Banks May Accept Ripple for International Payments

Bitcoin ETFs Now Have Nearly $4 Billion in Assets

Nine Bitcoin spot ETFs currently hold 95,000 Bitcoins, and after six days of trading, assets under management are approaching $4 billion. According to preliminary data shared by Bloomberg Senior ETF Analyst Eric Balchunas, capital inflows into ETFs have exceeded outflows from GBTC.

US banks can accept Ripple for international payments

Recently, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse suggested that US banks could use XRP. Prominent blockchain expert Ben Armstrong stated in a recent video that US banks accepting XRP will be "the key to XRP's success." Ripple has been going through a difficult time since 2020, when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against the platform. Authorities said Ripple and its leaders "generated more than $1.3 billion through a continuous, unregistered offering of digital asset securities." In 2023, XRP became the only token with "legal clarity" after Judge Analisa Torres' landmark decision qualified it as non-security. Ben Armstrong said that Ripple's victory before the SEC shows that the company is on its way to achieving its goal.

Cardano whale activity increases dramatically

There has been a notable increase in whale activity on the Cardano network recently, and plenty of data shows that major ADA investors are moving more. This increase in activity could signal several different market behaviors, including possible accumulation, redistribution, or even laying the groundwork for significant network developments. First, there was a notable increase in the volume of large transactions. The latest 24-hour activity shows 6,980 transactions, below the seven-day low of 5,005. As for the amount of these transactions, we saw a significant 24-hour volume of 26.9 billion ADA. This is slightly below the previous seven-day peak of 29.4 billion ADA. Such large volumes often signal the beginning of price volatility as they indicate significant liquidity movements that have the potential to maintain or destabilize current price levels.

Solana Hit Record $300 Billion Stablecoin Volume in January

According to data from blockchain analytics platform Artemis, Solana stablecoin transfer volume has been strong since last year, surpassing $300 billion in January and reaching an all-time high. Compared to January 2023, there is an increase from $12 billion to $300 billion. With this growth, Solana's market share increased to 32%.

New staking service for Ethereum users from MetaMask

Crypto wallet provider MetaMask has launched a new staking service that allows Ethereum users to run their own validator nodes for a fee. MetaMask will run the validator node on behalf of participants who deposit 32 ETH. Based on the current price of Ethereum, this value is approximately $78,752.

Collaboration between Near Foundation and Polygon Labs

The collaboration between Near Foundation and Polygon Labs marks an important milestone in Ethereum scaling. By integrating Near Data Availability (NEAR DA) with the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), developers using the Polygon CDK will now have access to NEAR DA's efficient and highly scalable data availability layer. Near DA plays an important role in simplifying Ethereum rollup networks, reducing costs and ensuring high scalability.

Franklin Templeton CEO Statement on Spot Bitcoin ETF

Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson said her company decided to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF because there was a lot of “growing demand” for Bitcoin. Johnson explained that the launch of the Franklin Templeton Bitcoin ETF is a strategic response to the increasing use of Bitcoin in transactions and integration into the broader financial system.

Solana Mobile confirms 30,000 pre-orders

In an impressive display of consumer enthusiasm, Solana Mobile announced that it has officially received 30,000 pre-orders for its new smartphone version, Solana Mobile 2.0. This volume of pre-orders in less than 48 hours demonstrates the great interest of consumers in blockchain technology.

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Bitcoin (BTC)

As of today morning, Bitcoin is priced at $40,780 with a 1.95% loss in value. With the opening of the Asian market there was a fall and a retreat from $41,600 to these levels. $40,240 is an important level and if it breaks, a pullback could be seen towards the next strong support at $38,000. If it persists above $41,500, there may be a rise first to $42,000 and then to $44,500.


Ethereum, which lost 2% of its value in the morning, is priced at $2,410. After breaking the horizontal band, there were quite large increases, but there is a retest at $2400, which is the top position of the horizontal band. In case of re-entering the horizontal band, a pullback to $2270 may occur, which is the middle of the horizontal band. If the top of the horizontal band remains as support, the $2540 level can be seen again.


As of morning hours, XRP is priced at $0.5363 with a loss in value of 1.78%. With the overall market decline, XRP also lost significant levels. The next major support is $0.52 and then $0.50. If there is a reaction from $0.52, there may be a rise again to $0.57. If there is a loss of $0.52, $0.50 and then $0.49 are among the areas that can act as support.


AVAX is priced at $31.85 with a 2% loss in value as of this morning. Since prices have not been seen above $34 for a long time, there is a pullback towards the lower support area up to $31. If it receives support at $31, increases can be seen up to $34. The important thing in AVAX is to stay above $35. For prices above $35, levels of $40 can be seen again. If $31 does not act as support, pullbacks of up to $27.90 can be seen.


SOL is priced at $89 with a depreciation of 2.26% in the morning hours. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that the downward movement continues. The 87.25 level can be followed as a support zone. If this level breaks down and persists, a move towards the $80 level can be seen. In the event of a bullish move again, the $95 level appears as a major resistance point.


As of morning hours, LINK is priced at $15,752 with a value gain of 2.48%. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that there is an ascending channel movement. If this move continues, the resistance area at 16,500 may be tested, and if this resistance point breaks upwards, we may see an increase towards the $17 level. If a pullback occurs, the $15,500 and $15 levels may follow as support.

ENS is priced at $19.25 with a value gain of 4.28% in the morning hours. When we examine the hourly chart, we see that the bearish movement has broken to the upside. If this move continues, the $20 level may be tested. In case of a pullback, the $19 level can be used as support.


In the morning hours, XLM is priced at $0.1145 with a loss in value of 0.95%. When we look at the daily chart, we see that there is a horizontal movement between the 0.134 and 0.11 levels. If the support level of 0.11 is broken down, a decline towards the level of 0.105 can be observed. In case of a bullish move, the 0.125 level can act as resistance. If this level is broken to the upside, there may be a move towards the 0.134 region.

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