Chainlink Whales Keep Buying – $137 Million Bitcoin Whale Awakens – ETH Supply Increases by $47 Million in 30 Days

Chainlink (LINK) Whale Purchases Continue

On October 8, a whale bought 424,443 LINK for about $3.25 million at an average of $7.67. For the first time, the whales are not interested in Link. Recently, the same whale probably bought 788,877 LINKs worth $6 million at an average price of $7.62. To facilitate the purchase, it exchanged 3074 stETH and an additional 71 ETH worth $136,000 for LINK. After this acquisition, LINK saw an increase of 6.5%.

Whale with $137 Million Bitcoin Wakes Up

After 3 years of inactivity, the whale moved for the first time the other day. He transferred 5000 Bitcoins worth approximately 137 million dollars. He transferred 4000 Bitcoins to a new wallet and 1000 Bitcoins to another new wallet. These new wallets have never been paired with anyone before. The first transfer of 5000 Bitcoin was made from the Poolin Mining Pool on June 23, 2020. After this last transfer, the whale was left with only $35.62 worth of Bitcoin.

ETH Supply Increased by $47 Million in 30 Days

According to data aggregator, the supply of ETH has increased by about 30,000 ETH, or $47.9 million, in the last 30 days. This increase is said to be due to the decline in transaction flow on the Ethereum network, the decrease in NFT trading and DeFi transactions. Ethereum has been working with a mechanism to burn fees since 2021. So the more the traffic, the higher the gas prices. This leads to more Ethereum being burned. As the number of transactions on this network has declined, catch has decreased and supply has increased.

New Crypto Mining Rules from Uzbekistan

According to the announcement, only legal entities that use solar energy can now mine. In addition, Monero-style privacy coins were also banned. While individual mining will be completely blocked, mining by institutions will only be possible with solar energy. In special cases, the country’s “unified power system” can also be utilized.

Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Stops Salaries
Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of Bitcoin mining machines, has not paid part of its employees’ September salaries. Then on October 3, the company issued a statement detailing the suspension of September salaries due to financial difficulties. They reported that they quickly rectified the situation and paid all salaries on October 7.

New Update on Solana

Solana’s v1.16 update introduced Confidential Transfers, enhancing user privacy with encrypted SPL token transactions. This update improves Solana’s zero-knowledge proof capabilities while reducing the verifier hardware requirements. Finally, Solana’s introduction of resizable data accounts enables better resource allocation and allows developers to deploy programs in a smaller size and expand them as needed.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 27,926 with a 0.05% gain in value as of today morning hours. The weekend was 2 days without volume as we are used to and the price is in the same place as on Friday. Bitcoin is likely to find support from below unless it can break above 28,500. Our first support is 27,500, above the old horizontal band. In case 27500 breaks down, 26,400 seems to be our next support. Above 28500 may take us to the 29,200 level first.


ETH, which gained 0.02% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1633. We have been seeing a pricing between 1660 and 1580 for a long time. Above 1660 could take us back to the 1700s. Below 1580 could take us back to the 1520s.


As of morning hours, XRP is priced at $0.5170, down 0.08%. After the impact of the news was over, XRP came back to the same levels and lost 0.52. The first target could be the intermediate support of 0.5070. With the reaction it will get from here, we can see XRP above 0.55s as it rises above 0.52 again. If it cannot find support at 0.5070, we are likely to see 0.49 levels.


AVAX is priced at $ 9.94 with a 1.49% loss in value as of morning hours. With the correction announcements in Stars Arena, it managed to rise to $ 11.87 over the weekend, but with a very high selling pressure, it fell below the $ 10 level again. It would be healthier for AVAX if the price flattens a bit and gains a foothold. If the 9.85 level works as support again, $10 may be our first resistance. In the continuation of the downward movement, our main support zone seems to be around $ 9.60.


SOL is priced at $ 23.34 with a gain of 0.52% as of morning hours. SOL, which rose up to $ 25 last week, retreated to $ 22.60 when it could not maintain this level. A descending triangle movement appears between $25, the level where the correction started, and the support level of 22.60. If this pattern breaks upwards, it seems possible that we will first see $24.50 and then $25 levels again. If the support level of 22.60 is broken down, $ 22 can be tested again.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 7.632 with a 0.50% loss in value. After 8.2% selling pressure, it seems to have found support at 7.30. At the loss of $7.30, we are likely to see the 7.00 level first. LINK, which continues its horizontal movement, seems that an upward movement may be possible if it persists above the 7.70 level.

APT is pricing at 5.2208 with a gain of 0.43% as of morning hours. APT, which receives support from the 5.18 – 5.20 zone, which works as a demand zone, seems to be able to start its upward movement again from these levels. The first resistance level in front of it seems to be 5.35. In the opposite scenario, the support level below seems to be 5.00. In addition, $24M worth of APT coins will be unlocked on October 12th.