Dencun Upgrade on Ethereum Network Completed Successfully – Microstrategy Plans to Acquire More Bitcoin

Dencun Upgrade on Ethereum Network Successfully Completed

The long-awaited Dencun upgrade was successfully activated on the Ethereum mainnet on Wednesday. A scalability-focused upgrade, Dencun features the ability to create a private data channel in Ethereum for Layer-2, significantly reducing transaction costs. Post-dencun, the availability of data blobs on Ethereum will reduce transaction fees by an average of 5-10x.

Microstrategy Plans to Buy More Bitcoin

In a statement made yesterday, it was shared that Microstrategy sold $600 million worth of senior bonds that will mature in 2030. Microstrategy wants to increase the number of Bitcoins it holds with the bonds sold. It is expected that approximately 500 million dollars of this money will be used to purchase new Bitcoin. It is also worth noting that the company’s CEO, Michael Saylor, recently said in a statement that the person who owns the most Bitcoin will win the race. For this reason, they can continue to buy Bitcoin.

US Treasury Investigates $165 Million Crypto Transaction

According to the WSJ, a $165 million US-based crypto transaction made to Hamas in support of the attack on Israel is being investigated by the US Treasury. The US Treasury, which started this research by examining ordinary transfers in the last 3 years, stated that the amount transferred was not certain. FinCEN stated in the letter sent that the amount may not be accurate. He concluded his views only by saying that some of this amount may be related to Hamas.

Crypto Custody Company Bakkt Faces Delisting from NYSE

In its statement, NYSE threatened the company with delisting if Bakkt did not increase its share value above $1. In the statement made by NYSE yesterday, it was emphasized that Bakkt did not comply with the rules and its share value was priced 1 dollar below in the last 30 days. For this reason, Bakkt is faced with being delisted. Yesterday, the share price increased by 2.8% to 60 cents, but no pricing above 1 dollar was seen.

Unlocking Continues in Gaming Projects

Many projects worth approximately $250 million will be unlocked by the end of March. These projects include APE and IMX. On the APE side, 15.6 million APEs will be unlocked. This corresponds to a value of approximately 38.2 million. On the IMX side, 34.19 million IMX tokens will be unlocked. This corresponds to approximately 117.3 million dollars. As the rise in the bull market continues, it is normal for lock openings to have less impact on the price, and it is always useful to pay attention to lock openings.

Cardano Will Introduce a Stablecoin Called USDM

Cardano is preparing to introduce USDM, a fiat-backed stablecoin, in the United States on March 16. This introduction, which is considered a significant development for the Cardano ecosystem, offers users a reliable stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and increases accessibility to the platform’s features. According to the announcement, the USDM stablecoin will initially be used in 19 US states.

Record Entry into Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin continued its rise and tested the $73,600 level after a record $1 billion inflow into spot ETFs. On an ETF basis, IBIT, BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF, broke a new record and experienced an inflow of $849 million. Additionally, IBIT’s assets reached $15.4 billion.

South Africa Prepares to License 60 Crypto Firms by the End of the Month

According to Bloomberg, South Africa’s financial regulator is preparing to license 60 crypto firms. The regulatory body stated that it received applications from 300 companies in total. In an interview with Bloomberg, Financial Sector Conduct Authority Commissioner (FSCA) Unathi Kamlana said; “We are processing these license applications and we are doing so in a phased manner given the numbers.” said.

ECB Governor Sets November 2025 Date for Euro CBDC

The European Central Bank is advancing plans to launch a digital euro aimed at providing a digital payment solution, according to ECB Executive Board Member Piero Cipollone. According to the statement, as evolving payment trends reflect people’s increasing preference for digital payments, the ECB aims to make lives more accessible by offering a public digital payment instrument that can be used free of charge for any digital transaction in the euro area. This project is planned to be implemented by November 2025.

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As of the morning hours, BTC is priced at $73,135 with a 0.09% gain in value. Yesterday, there was a drop to $71,600, and a reaction from there resulted in an increase to $73,658. $74,000 is the resistance level, and if pricing is seen above this level, there may be a rise up to $75,000. $72,200 appears to be the first support level. If there is an upward reaction from here, the $ 73,500 level can be seen again. In case of a downward reaction, $71,000 appears as major support.


ETH is priced at $3976 with a 0.73% loss of value as of the morning hours. A decrease was observed before the Dencun update yesterday, but the upward movement continued after the update. There was a withdrawal to $3934. It seems to have received support from this level. If this rise continues, a movement up to $4150 can be seen. If a pullback occurs, price movement up to $3880 may be seen.


As of the morning hours, XRP is priced at $0.6811 with a 1.19% loss in value. With the move yesterday, there was a decline to $ 0.6690, but with support from this region, there was an increase to $ 0.6930. $0.66 appears to be working as support. If this level is maintained, there may be an increase to $0.72 again. Since we are now at the top of the horizontal band, the possibility of resistance levels working increases. If the withdrawal deepens, retreats up to $0.65 may be seen.


AVAX is priced at $55.57 with a 1.44% gain in value as of the morning hours. With yesterday’s upward movement, there was an increase to almost 60 dollars. With the reaction received from this region, pricing around 55 dollars appears again. For the continuation of the rise, it is very important that prices above $55 continue. If the level above 55 dollars is sustained, an upward movement up to 65 dollars may occur. In case the retreat deepens, $50 appears as the first support position.


SOL is priced at $165.45 with a 0.88% gain in value as of the morning hours. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that the upward movement occurred with the break of the $152 resistance zone. There is some retreat for SOL, which has received a downward reaction from the resistance zone of $170. If this movement continues, the $160 level can be followed as support. In upward movements, if the resistance zone of $ 170 is exceeded, the $ 175 level can be tested.


As of the morning hours, LINK is priced at $20,463 with a 1.39% loss in value. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see a horizontal movement above the support zone of $20.20. As a resistance zone, we see the $ 20.90 level. If the resistance zone is crossed, the $21.50 level can be tested. In case of a pullback, the $19.50 level can be followed as support in case the support zone is broken downwards.

PEPE is priced at 0.00001045 dollars with a 15.60% gain in value as of the morning hours. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that the falling trend line has been broken upwards and a strong movement has occurred. If this movement continues, the $0.000011 level could be tested. In case of a pullback, the $0.000010 level can be followed as support.


NEAR is priced at $8.02 with a 3.32% gain in value as of the morning hours. When we examine the hourly chart, we see that there is horizontal movement between the $7.64 and $8.06 levels. If this move breaks upwards, the $8.20 level could be tested. In case of a withdrawal, the $ 7.85 level can be followed as support.