Deutsche Bank – Taurus Collaboration, Important Development in Cosmos, Target 4 in Polygon. Quarter

Deutsche Bank Launches Crypto Services

Deutsche Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Europe and even the world, aims to provide crypto custody and tokenization services to its customers by integrating with the Swiss-based company Taurus. According to the statement, the cooperation between the parties will cover Deutsche Bank’s digital asset work, its cryptocurrency custody service license application in Germany and the proof of concept tokenization platform project called DAMA in Singapore. Deutsche Bank is Germany’s number one bank and Europe’s ninth largest, with $1.3 trillion in assets under management.

Thailand-Based KBank Invests in AI and Web 3

With the fund named KXVC, the bank aims to support startups and founders in the Asia-Pacific region. The fund, which will be worth a total of 100 million dollars, will target artificial intelligence, web 3 and fintech startups. KBank Asya is one of the banks that also offers digital asset services. The bank operates in Thailand, China and Vietnam.

Deadline for Genesis is September 21st

Genesis, which announced its bankruptcy after the crisis last year and failed to find a solution to its problems afterwards, announced yesterday that the company will cease its digital asset spot and futures trading operations through GGC International and will not offer trading services through any commercial organization after this separation. The official also explained that the company is doing this voluntarily, for business reasons.

Target 4 for Polygon POL Token Migration. Quarter

Polygon offered very important changes with the improvements it shared in the June – July period. Polygon 2.0, the first improvements have been announced. Announced on September 13th, three new Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) focus on token migration from MATIC to POL and the launch of Polygon’s new staking layer – the PIPs outline the four key steps that make up phase 0, including initiating token migration, making POL the native gas token for Polygon networks, establishing POL as the staking token for Polygon networks, and launching the Polygon 2.0 staking layer. Polygon said it could launch phase 0 in Q4 of this year, assuming the community requests minimal changes to the proposals.

Cosmos Hub’s Liquid Staking Module is Now Available

Cosmos Hub, the cross-chain service provider of the Cosmos network, has made a significant upgrade. New features have been added to ATOM with Cosmos Hub’s Liquid Staking Module. With this feature, ATOM investors will have different opportunities and possibilities. With LSM, ATOM holders will be able to liquidly stake their staked ATOM tokens without waiting for the 21-day linking period.

Renewable Energy Use in Bitcoin Mining on the Rise?

A Bloomberg analyst who posted on his X account yesterday said that the level of renewable energy used in Bitcoin mining exceeded 50%, a development that took place with the start of the mining ban in China. In China, carbon dioxide emissions were over 60% at the beginning of the ban and this level dropped to 37.5% within 2 years with the ban. After this sharing, eyes turned to Elon Musk, who froze Tesla’s cryptocurrency payments in 2021 due to the use of fossil fuels, and offered a 50% rate as a condition.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 26,588 with a 0.24% gain in value as of today morning hours. After the strong data in Bitcoin, a strong movement was encountered contrary to expectations. In Bitcoin, where volume inflows have been above average for three days, the 26,800 region appears as the next target. Due to the low volume we may see today and over the weekend, we can use 26,300 and 25,800 levels as support levels in possible declines. In case we face larger pullbacks, 25.200 is the most critical region. In the upward movement, we will be targeting the 26,600-26,800 region and then the 27,600 level.


ETH, which gained 0.31% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1631. We see that the rise in Ethereum continues, but we cannot exceed the 1640 level. In ETH, which is currently priced between 1620-1640, we expect the rise towards the $ 1700 target to continue after the 1640 break. However, we can also say that 1620 and 1580 levels will be important in possible pullbacks.


XRP is priced at $0.4984 with a 1.90% gain as of morning hours. In XRP, we see that this level could not be broken and profit sales started, even though it reached up to 0.5080 resistance with the rise following the ascending triangle pattern that broke upwards on the hourly chart. If 0.5080 is broken in XRP, the next target will be the 0.56 region.


AVAX is pricing at $ 9.44 levels with a 0.43% gain in value as of morning hours. During this period when the market remained strong, AVAX broke its descending movement upwards, albeit with difficulty, and reached the 9.50 region. In AVAX, which turned back from here and re-tested the pattern resistance it realized, the re-test seems to be confirmed for now. If AVAX can confirm this breakout with hourly closures, then we can target the 9.80 level.


SOL is pricing at 19.18 with a gain of 1.75% as of morning hours. We see that Solana made a rising movement after the 18.60 breakout and the 19.30 level is working as a resistance level for now. If SOL can break this zone, we can say that we can target the $ 20 level, while the levels of 19 and 18.60 can serve as an important support in retreats.


LINK, which gained 0.70% as of morning hours, is priced at 6.194. With the break of 6.05 and 6.10 levels in LINK, we see that the price went back to the horizontal resistance zone of 6.25-6.30 range and ate selling pressure before reaching here. If an upward test and breakout occurs in LINK in the coming days, we can say that the upward targets will be 6.45 and 6.72, while the critical zones will be 6.05-5.85-5.72 in retreats.


MKR is pricing at $ 1211 with an increase of 4.22% as of morning hours. Positive divergence in MKR continues. After reaching 1190 resistance, it first retreated a little bit and reached 2. MKR, which realized the break in the test, is currently pricing at 1210 regions. If this region is exceeded in MKR, which is sold from the previous peak level of 1225, our target level will be 1270.