FED Keeps Interest Rate Decision Steady – Lock Expansion from Avalanche and Aptos – PayPal Registers as Crypto Service Provider in the UK

FED Keeps Interest Rate Decision Steady

FED left interest rates unchanged. Powell reported that inflation is still high and that the interest rate decision was taken with the unanimous vote of 12 members. He said that some of the inflation data on him was just the beginning and that they were not exactly where they wanted to be. He added that there are inflation and non-farm employment data to be released before the December interest rate decision and stated that they will take action according to these data.

Lock Opening by Avalanche and Aptos

Aptos and Avalanche are preparing for the unlock this month. It will be the highest valued unlock for Aptos at approximately $173 million. Following the release of 4.5 million APs during the unlock in October, the price of APT increased by about 2% over the next seven days. Layer 1 blockchain Avalanche is also preparing to unlock 9.5 million AVAXs, representing 2.7% of the circulating supply.

PayPal Registers as Crypto Service Provider in the UK

PayPal has registered as a crypto service provider with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as confirmed yesterday by the FCA’s official site. The registration of Paypal UK Limited allows the firm to now offer crypto-related services and products to British users.

Collaboration between Nym Technologies and NEAR

Nym Technologies has partnered with the NEAR Foundation to bring privacy and encryption to the NEAR ecosystem. The collaboration aims to protect user data and transactions against evolving web3 cyber threats.

Development on the Number of Users from World App Wallet, a Project of Worldcoin

World App, the crypto wallet launched just six months ago by Sam Altman’s Worldcoin project, reported having more than 1 million monthly active users. This places it among the most popular crypto wallets in the industry. It also claims more than 500,000 weekly active users and more than 100,000 daily active users, according to data released Wednesday by Tools for Humanity, the lead developer of Worldcoin.

Significant Development in On-Chain Activity from Cardano

Santiment reported that Cardano (ADA), a major competitor to Ethereum (ETH), has reached an important milestone in on-chain activity. According to a recent update on social media, Santiment observed that long-term ADA holders have started to transfer a significant amount of tokens, the most significant movement seen in over a year.

Avalanche Joins Cosmos Through IBC

According to the latest Interchain Foundation (ICF) update, Avalanche, a high-throughput blockchain that uses the Snow Protocol for consensus, is joining Cosmos. The Interchain Foundation, a non-profit organization that manages the Cosmos ecosystem, announced that Landslide Network, a platform that bridges the IBC-enabled platform with Avalanche, has developed a lightweight client on Avalanche.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 35,341 with a 0.21% loss in value as of today morning hours. It broke the pennant structure as the interest rate decision yesterday remained unchanged. The target of the pattern’s movement is $39,500. If retreats are experienced, a decline up to $ 34,700 can be seen. In the continuation of the upward movement, the persistence above $ 36,100 will be positive for the upward continuation.


ETH, which lost 0.42% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1839.80. Gaining $1860 is very important, and if not, a decline to $1820 and then to $1800 can be seen. If it gets support from $1820 again, breakouts above $1860 can be seen this time.


XRP is priced at $0.6036 with a loss of 0.81% as of morning hours. After climbing to $0.62, it was rejected. 0.58 dollars is very important, and its persistence above this level was very important to see the 0.60 levels again. As long as it stays above $0.60, we can see a continuation of the upward movement. If a downward correction is coming, the $ 0.59 zone seems to remain intact.


AVAX is priced at $ 11.97 with a 2.13% loss in value as of morning hours. It is currently performing its retest after going up to $ 12.50. If we see a downward movement from $ 12, a decline to $ 11.60 can be seen. In case of an upward reaction, an increase up to $ 13.50 can be seen.


SOL is priced at $ 41.24, down 0.24% as of morning hours. SOL, which has shown a good rise recently, rose to $ 48 yesterday and then fell to $ 41 with selling pressure from this region. When we examine the support points, the closest support point is 37 dollars. If it falls below this level, it may be possible to retreat to the level of 36 dollars. If the rise continues, the $ 46.70 level seems to be important.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 11.333 with a 2.62% loss in value. LINK, which rose to $ 12 yesterday, is retreating to $ 11 again. The reactions from this level are important for the continuation of the upward movement. If it persists above the $ 11 level, it may test the $ 12 resistance level again. If the retreat continues, it may be possible to decline to the 10.50 support level.

AAVE is pricing at 98.085 with a gain of 10.03% as of morning hours. When we examine the daily chart, we see that there was a nice rise yesterday. For AAVE, which is momentarily trading above the 96.504 resistance zone, this level seems to be important for the continuation of the rise. If the rise continues, it may be reasonable to expect a movement up to $ 100 levels. When we examine the support levels, 96.500 and then 92.200 can be followed.