SEC Delays Fidelity’s Spot Ethereum ETF Until March – Bitcoin Becomes Second Largest Commodity ETF

SEC Delays Fidelity’s Spot Ethereum ETF to March

In a filing Thursday, the Securities and Exchange Commission said it would take until March 5 to decide on Fidelity’s request for an exchange-traded fund based on spot Ethereum. “The Commission finds it appropriate to set a longer time period for action on the proposed rule change so that it has sufficient time to evaluate the proposed rule change and the issues raised therein,” the Securities and Exchange Commission said.

Bitcoin Becomes Second Largest Commodity ETF

Bitcoin overtook silver to become the second largest commodity ETF in the US. A week after the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs, Bitcoin has moved into second place in the assets under management (AUM) rankings. According to the data, there are 647,651 Bitcoin in all spot Bitcoin ETFs. The approximate value of this amount is 27.5 billion dollars.

IBIT Becomes the First Spot Bitcoin ETF to Break the $1 Billion Mark

BlackRock’s spot Bitcoin ETF IBIT became the first spot Bitcoin ETF to reach the $1 billion mark in assets under management. Robert Mitchnick, Head of Digital Assets at BlackRock, said: “We are excited to see IBIT reach this level in its first week. This reflects strong investor demand, this is just the beginning.”

BlackRock Leads Robinhood Among Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Robinhood’s Steve Quirk explained that, by volume, BlackRock’s ETF was the most popular of the 11 funds recently launched on Robinhood. Although BlackRock’s ETF is more active on Robinhood, the most active spot Bitcoin ETF currently trading on the market is Grayscale’s. The outflows generated significant Grayscale volume, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.

Ripple Introduces XRPL to Franklin Templeton, a Wealth Management Firm

David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer, introduced the XRP Ledger (XRPL) to Franklin Templeton, a major asset management firm. Schwartz responded to Franklin Templeton’s posts about their interest in Ethereum and Solana, suggesting that they also consider XRPL. In addition, Schwartz talked about XRPL’s strong performance and efficiency in the crypto world, having processed millions of transactions for over a decade.

Tether Reportedly Purchased 8900 Bitcoins for $380 Million

According to The Block, at the end of the fourth quarter, Tether increased its Bitcoin holdings by buying another 8888 BTC for $380 million. According to a report by Dune Analytics, there are 66,465 Bitcoin holdings at an address affiliated with the company, making it the 11th largest Bitcoin holding. the largest holder of cryptocurrency.

Trader Joe’s Launches a Phone on the Avalanche Network

According to a post on the X platform, Tarder Joe is preparing to pre-order a phone called JONE that will rival Solana’s SAGA. In the past weeks, SAGA had airdropped airdrops to pre-order purchasers. With this expectation, JONE may also be busy with pre-orders.

dYdX Chain Ranks First Among DEX Volumes

DYDX token, the native token of decentralized exchange platform dYdX Chain, traded above $3 for the first time this year after the platform became the largest DEX by daily volume. According to the data, the v4 version of the platform took the first place with a volume of 565 million dollars. The most traded pairs are ETH/USD, BTC/USD and SOL/USD. For these three pairs, the total open interest stands at 26 million dollars.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 41,259, down 0.17% as of today morning hours. After testing $ 40,600 yesterday evening, it experienced a rise again. We ended the horizontal movement between 43,500 and 41,500. The range between 41,370 and 40,690 may be the new horizontal zone. 40,500 dollars is the support position, and there may be a retreat to 39,500 dollars in downward breaks. In the persistence above $ 41,850, the level of $ 42,500 can be seen again.


Ethereum, which gained 0.26% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 2464. After receiving support at $ 2430, there was an increase up to $ 2465. While $2410 is the major support position, the new resistance zone could be $2500.


XRP is pricing at $ 0.5512 levels with a 0.11% depreciation as of morning hours, $ 0.54 is the support position, and if it stays above, rises up to $ 0.5950 can be seen. In the downward breakdown of this level, retracements up to 0.50 can be seen again.


AVAX is priced at $ 33.46, down 0.39% as of morning hours. 33 dollars is an important support level, and after this level is broken, there may be a pullback to 30 dollars. If $ 35 is maintained above $ 35 and a breakthrough is achieved, we can see rises up to $ 42.


SOL is priced at $ 94.3, down 0.10% as of morning hours. When we examine the hourly chart, we see that with the downward break of the rising trend line, there is a retracement from the $ 100 level to the $ 91 level. If the short-term double bottom pattern formed on the hourly chart works, a movement towards the $97 level can be seen. In case of a pullback, the support level of 92 dollars seems to be important. If this region breaks down, we may see a pullback towards the $ 88 level.


With a 0.96% gain in value as of morning hours, LINK is priced at $ 14,796. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that the rising channel movement is broken downwards. The 14.300 level can be followed as a support level. In case of an upward movement, the $ 15 level appears as an important resistance zone.

SYN is priced at $0.09437 with a 7% gain as of morning hours. When we examine the daily chart, we see that the rectangle pattern is broken upwards and there is an upward movement up to the 0.76 region. With the pullback, the 0.59 level can be followed as a support zone. If the reaction from this region continues upwards, the 0.7 level may be tested.


UMA is priced at $ 3,425 with a 30% gain as of morning hours. When we examine the weekly chart, we see that there is a very strong movement and the resistance zone is broken upwards. If this movement continues, the $4 level may be tested. In case of a pullback, the 3 dollar level can be followed as support.