SEC Delays Grayscale Spot Ethereum ETF – CME Bitcoin Open Interest Nears All-Time High

SEC Delays Grayscale Spot Ethereum ETF

According to a filing on Tuesday, the SEC announced that it has extended the time for a decision on the proposed fund until January 25. “The Commission finds it appropriate to set a longer time period for taking action on the proposed rule change so that it has sufficient time to evaluate the proposed rule change and the issues raised therein,” the SEC said.

Bitcoin Open Interest on the CME Exchange Nears All-Time High

Bitcoin open interest reached $5.2 billion on the CME exchange. This is just 200 million behind the all-time high seen in October 2021. In the last 30 days, Bitcoin open interest has increased from $3.63 billion to $5.2 billion. In the same period, Bitcoin gained 26%.

Ankr Launches Aggregation as a Service for zkSync Hyperchains

Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr launches Aggregation-as-a-Service support for zkSync Hyperchains on its testnet, enabling developers to customize and deploy standalone Layer-2 chains for their decentralized applications. Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr, in collaboration with Matter Labs, has launched Aggregation as a Service (RaaS) support for zkSync Hyperchains built using ZK Stack. According to a statement, Ankr claims to be the first company to launch such a service, which allows developers to more easily customize and deploy scalable and secure standalone Layer-2 chains for their decentralized applications.

Swiss City of Lugano to Accept Bitcoin and Tether Payments

The Swiss city of Lugano will allow citizens and companies to pay for municipal services and taxes with cryptocurrency. Lugano will accept Bitcoin and Tether as means of payment through the Swiss institutional cryptocurrency platform Bitcoin Suisse.

Significant Activity on the Cardano Network

The Cardano network saw a significant increase in trading volumes. When the data is analyzed, it is noteworthy that this increase is constantly reaching new peaks. According to analysts, the increase signals growing interest from high-value institutions in the smart contract platform, “which is often a precursor to price increases”.

BlacRock Bitcoin ETF Receives $100,000 in Seed Funding

BlackRock has received funding for its Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) from a seed investor, according to a filing yesterday. According to the filing, the world’s largest fund manager received $100,000 in capital from an investor who bought shares in iShares Bitcoin Trust on October 27. Billionaire BlackRock CEO Larry Fink later praised Bitcoin in television interviews, calling it “an international asset that digitizes gold.”



Bitcoin is priced at $ 43,690 with a 0.89% loss in value as of today morning hours. Yesterday, it went up to $44,500 but could not hold on to those levels. 42,000 dollars was a difficult zone to overcome and it was overcome with a hard break. Pullbacks up to $42,500 are normal, and the price going sideways for a while between $42,500 and $41,000 will be a more positive movement for the future. Persistence at $ 44,000 can take the price up to $ 48,200.


ETH, which lost 1.41% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 2262. ETH rose as high as $2311 and then completed its retreat to $2260. After yesterday’s move, we can now consider this region as a strong support as it reacted from the weekly opening price of $ 2192.96 and realized a rise up to $ 2300. In pricing below $ 2200, retreats up to $ 2150 can be seen. In the continuation of the upward movement, 2450 dollars will be the first resistance level.


XRP is priced at $0.6171 as of morning hours, down 0.63%. Although XRP remains inactive compared to other alts, it can make sharp movements. It retreated as low as $0.6105 and reacted and went up to $0.6175. In the continuation of the downward movement, pullbacks can be seen up to the monthly opening price of $ 0.6063. In the continuation of the upward movement, rises up to $ 0.64 can be seen.


AVAX is pricing at $ 25.70 levels with a 4.69% gain in value as of morning hours. After the horizontal break, there was an increase up to 27 dollars. Although it reacted at $27 and could not exceed it, it seems to have received its first reaction at $25.50. In the continuation of the retreat, $ 24 seems to be the first support position. In the continuation of the upward movement, the first target will now be the persistence above $ 30.


SOL is priced at $ 63.22 with a gain of 3.56% as of morning hours. SOL, which experienced some retracement yesterday, fell to the support level of 59 and received a reaction from this region. Starting at the $ 59 level, we saw a movement up to the $ 63 level with the bullish reaction. When we examine this zone, we come across the 64.40 level, which is the intermediate resistance zone. Another point of resistance is $66. If these two levels break upwards, we may see a movement towards the $ 70 level. In case of a pullback, the 61.50 level can be followed as support.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 15.500 with a 1.47% loss in value. When we examine the four-hour chart, we see that the ascending triangle pattern is broken upwards and there is a movement up to the 16,300 level. LINK, which could not provide permanence in this region, retreated to the 15.450 region yesterday. If this decline continues, a pullback to the 15,200 region may be possible. As resistance, 16,300 and 16,600 levels seem important.

DOGE is priced at $0.09756 with a gain of 3.4% as of morning hours. When we examine the daily chart, we see that the resistance zone of 0.09630 has been broken upwards. If the upward movement continues, the 0.10100 level can be followed as resistance. In case of a pullback, the 0.09460 level can be followed as support.


CHZ is priced at $ 0.08100 with a 1.85% gain as of morning hours. When we examine the daily chart, we see that an inverse shoulder head and shoulders pattern has formed. The resistance point of this pattern is 0.08500. In case of persistence above this level, a rise towards the 0.0900 region can be seen. In case of a pullback, 0.0800 can be followed as a support level.

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