US Inflation Data to be Released, Spot Bitcoin ETF Application from Giant Company

US Inflation Data to be Announced

Today, US inflation data will be released at 15:30. Core data is expected to remain unchanged on a monthly basis and to fall back to 4.3% on an annual basis. Headline inflation is expected to rise to 3.6% yoy and 0.6% mom.

Binance US CEO Resigns

It was announced that CEO Brian Shroder left the company at Binance US, which has been known to have problems for a long time and was completely alone with the Binance lawsuit filed by the SEC at the beginning of the summer and made dozens of layoffs. After this separation confirmed by a Binance US official, it was learned that Binance US Legal Manager Norman Reed will replace Shroder.

Solana Moves to MetaMask

Solana wallets will be available on MetaMask Snaps. This integration means that SOL and Solana-based NFTs can manage directly from MetaMask wallets. Solflare founder Filip Dragoslavic said in a statement that with this application, Solana users will ensure that Solana users do not switch to a different wallet for their transactions and stay on Solana, and that users can now use MetaMask, the most popular crypto wallet with more than 100 million users.

Gensler Testifies in the Senate

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler made his defense to the Senate yesterday regarding his speculations about crypto communities. While sharing information on important issues, Gensler mentioned the need to ensure investor security as a priority. He also stated that the definition of securities fits most crypto assets. He stated that the SEC is evaluating the Spot Bitcoin ETFs and that they are waiting for the comments of the employees.

Franklin Templeton Spot Bitcoin ETF Files Application

Franklin Templeton, an asset management company with close to $1.5 trillion in assets under management, has also applied for a Spot Bitcoin ETF. It was also stated that the FT will cooperate with CF Benchmarks for accurate valuations. While explaining the structure of the fund in the application, it was stated that Coinbase will carry out crypto custody services and Bank of NY Mellon will carry out cash custody and management processes.

Stellar’s Big Announcement Fails to Meet Expectations

Stellar, which raised expectations with the countdown and the big announcement they made days ago from their X accounts, did not meet the expectations formed in the sharing. According to the announcement, Stellar will launch a new website for the token. “The wait is over, here is the new Stellar,” the announcement read.

CoinEx Exchange Hack Incident

After suspicious transactions took place on the CoinEx crypto exchange yesterday, it was announced that the exchange experienced a $ 43 million hack. CoinEx, which identified and disclosed the hacker addresses, shared these addresses on its X account.



As of today’s morning hours, Bitcoin is priced at $ 25,888 with a 0.19% gain in value. With the rise in Bitcoin yesterday, we saw an increase up to 26,400 levels, but then we see that the price could not stay strong in the night hours and approached up to 25,800. Today, FTX liquidation decision and US inflation data may cause volatility.


ETH, which lost 0.60% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1583. Although Ethereum returned above the 1580 level, we see that the price encountered resistance from the 1625 region and went down to the support zone again. We can say that the 1530-1580 range is an important support zone and these levels can also be used in short-term trading strategies.


As of morning hours, XRP is priced at $ 0.4759 with a loss of 0.98%. In XRP, we see that the return from 0.46 support was cut off before too long and even 0.48 could not be exceeded. The 0.46 and 0.42 levels will be important in the downward movement in Ripple.


AVAX is priced at $ 9.11 with a 1.19% loss in value as of morning hours. AVAX is one of the most crushed coins in terms of price. Avax, which is the most negatively decoupled coin at the moment, does not have any old support other than $ 7 if it does not see support at the $ 9 level and breaks that zone. Although short-term support levels may occur, the $7 level is the clearest support level in the long term.


SOL is pricing at 17.73 with a 1.06% loss in value as of morning hours. Although negative news flow in Solana puts sales pressure, it is one of the coins that shows the biggest reaction to positive news. We are currently above the support level in Solana and if this area breaks down, the 17.30 level appears.


LINK, which lost 0.30% as of morning hours, is priced at 5.939. As we expected on LINK, resistance was encountered at 6.05 and the price started to retreat from there. 5.86 is the first level, 5.73 is the second level. will be critical support.


MKR is pricing at $ 1118, up 0.02% as of morning hours. With the return from the support level in MKR, we see that the trend climbed to 1130 regions again, but could not reach the resistance zone of 1140-1145. We can say that the target levels will be 1140 and 1190 if the upward movement of Maker, which has positive pricing compared to the market, continues.