Valkyrie Gets Ethereum Futures ETF Approval – SEC Continues to Postpone Spot ETF Filings – $5 Billion in Contracts Expire

Valkyrie Receives Ethereum Futures ETF Approval

Crypto asset manager Valkyrie said it has converted its Bitcoin Futures ETF into a fund that also includes the Ethereum Futures ETF. With this change, Valkyrie became the first ETF to invest in both BTC and ETH futures contracts.

SEC Continues to Postpone Spot ETF Filings
The SEC delayed spot Bitcoin ETF decisions by Blackrock, Invesco, Bitwise and Valkyrie. The SEC continues to delay spot ETF decisions, although it has started to warm up to forward ETF applications.

5 Billion Dollar Contracts Expire

The average price of the contracts is $26500 for BTC and $1650 for ETH. As we approached the end of the contract, we reached the max pain level. The Max Pain level is the price level that will cause the maximum loss at the time of expiration of the contracts in the options market. If the price is above this level, it will fall towards that level, and if it is below it will rise towards that price. We can attribute the price rise in Bitcoin to this, although it is not 100% overdue.

EOS Foundation Launches a Climate-Friendly Blockchain Initiative with Upland and Aeriel
Upland is a blockchain-based game for virtual real estate trading. Aeriel is a blockchain-based satellite imagery platform. Together with the EOS Foundation, the two companies announced that they are working to develop climate-friendly blockchain infrastructure, carbon-neutral DApps, and blockchain technologies and applications for climate.

Ripple No Longer Interested in Fortress Trust

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse said that they are no longer interested in acquiring Fortress Trust but will remain investors and continue to support the team. Ripple had previously announced plans to acquire Fortresss Trust on September 8, after investing $250 million in Mataco in Switzerland.

Winklevoss Twins Withdraw $282 Million Crypto from Genesis

Gemini, owned by the Winklevoss twins, withdrew about $282 million in crypto from Genesis before filing for bankruptcy. Genesis had stopped withdrawals after FTX went bankrupt. Genesis then filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January, although Genesis announced at the time that $175 million was locked up. In addition, Gemini’s lawsuit against Genesis and the Digital Currency Group behind it followed these events. Gemini accused DCG of committing fraud against creditors and claimed approximately $1.1 billion in assets.



Bitcoin is priced at $ 26978 with a 0.16% loss in value as of today morning hours. Yesterday, it managed to break the 26900 level after rising quite voluminously with the 15.00 noon candle and is currently working as support. Reacting from the 27300 level, BTC is currently trying to gain a foothold at 26900 levels. Its first support after that is 26750, followed by 26400. If it exceeds 27500, we can first see 28500 and then 28950 levels. It is said that the cost price of the options, 26500, may be the reason for the price increase.


ETH, which gained 0.09% as of morning hours, is priced at $ 1654. In Ethereum, we see that the pricing between 1530-1745 continues on the 4-hour chart. Ethereum, which increased along with Bitcoin at noon yesterday, managed to break the $ 1638 level. Although it was rejected at 1665, the intermediate resistance zone, its momentum remains positive with the news. Our first support zone seems to be the old resistance zone of $1640. If it provides permanence above $ 1670, we can first see the level of $ 1699 and then $ 1743.


XRP is priced at $0.5087 with a 0.22% loss in value as of morning hours. Yesterday, XRP, which did not experience a bullish rally along with Bitcoin, seems to have overcome the 0.5070 resistance on the 4-hour chart. Our first support zone will be here again, but since it does not have a development that will push the price up as much as Bitcoin and Ethereum, we may see the 0.50 level in case it goes down again. In the event that it maintains above 0.52 levels, which is the middle of the horizontal band, we can first see 0.5384 and then 0.55.


AVAX is priced at $ 9.3 with a gain of 0.22% as of morning hours. AVAX, which was rejected at 9.35 yesterday, is trying to find support again at 9.25. If it can catch the 9.30 level, we are likely to see 9.50 and then 9.75 levels. If it sags below $9.20, we can first see $9 and then $8.80.


SOL is pricing at 20.16 with a 1% gain in value as of morning hours. SOL, which rose above $ 20 with yesterday’s movement, is trying to gather strength at $ 20.10, which is intermediate support after seeing 20.33 levels. If a downward break occurs, the next support level seems to be 19.85. If the upward movement continues, $20.5 may be our first resistance. Around 20.55, we may see some cumulative movements to gain a foothold. Then we are likely to see the 21.58 level.


As of morning hours, LINK is pricing at 7.758 with a 0.63% loss in value. LINK, which had a very good momentum yesterday, managed to break the 7.92 level, but with the retreat, it is trying to find support in the range of 7.6 – 7.75. If it maintains above $7.92, we are likely to see the level of $8.2 first and then $8.5. At the loss of $7.6, our first support zone seems to be the $7.3 level.


As of morning hours, COMP is pricing at 47.4 with a 4.2% depreciation. COMP, which rose 23% yesterday and was rejected at $ 50, is now trying to find support for itself. Since it rises with a lot of volume, its pullbacks can also be quite strong. We can say the range of 46-42 dollars as the first support. If it stays above $50, we can see $53 and then $57.5. If it cannot find support, there is a possibility that it will fall back to where the movement started, that is, to $ 41.50.