What are NFT Collections?

How to Create and Sell NFT?

NFT is becoming increasingly popular to create and sell your crypto art. It leads us to create and sell more as NFT.

NFT (Non – Fungible Token) can be a digital certificate of authenticity. Real works of art and antiques are often sold at auction, along with a certificate confirming their authenticity, of course.

Likewise, NFTs store digital products. GIFs, Movies, JPEGs, MP3s and many other file types are available as “unique”. Thanks to this new technology, digital files can now be “owned” in ways that were not possible before. Like tangible goods, collect, buy or destroy NFTs is your decision. Our NFTs have a history of transactions and prices. Thanks to blockchain technology, anyone with an internet connection can see it.

In NFT, crypto “Minting” is the act of creating a new token on the blockchain. This links to the piece of content you created. It is standard practice for artists to add a percentage of the commission when creating new NFT crypto art.

What kind of NFT art can we sell?

NFT marketplaces digital art, music, recipes, and products in many industries can be sold digitally. There are minimal restrictions on content that can be “tokenized” and converted to an NFT.

Now is the time to explore the digital
ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace
. Because the market and the demand for digital art are growing. NFT of patent-protected assets is, of course, avoidable.

How to create NFT Crypto Art ?

You don’t need to be a crypto expert to create an NFT crypto art. But you need a crypto wallet to get started. In this section, we’ll talk about the process of setting up an NFT marketplace and linking your wallet.

1 – Create wallet

First you need to create a digital wallet to hold the cryptocurrency. It is used to buy, exchange and create NFTs. NFT’s crypto wallets can also be accessed through NFT Marketplaces.

Also, there are hundreds of websites that offer free cryptocurrency wallets. The following solutions guarantee to work with major NFT markets and blockchain applications.

2 – Connect your wallet to the NFT market

Once you’ve set up your wallet, it’s time to register your wallet in a marketplace. Where would you rather build NFT and present your creations? If you start with NFT, you can start with the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace. ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace has a simple and easy installation from any website.

Where can NFTs be sold?

Once you have successfully created an NFT, you can click the Sell button to sell your NFT collections. A pricing page will then open where you can define your terms of sale. You can hold an auction on your sales or sell an NFT at a fixed price.

  • Go to the Collection page and click the Add Item button.
  • Add the details of the digital asset you want to create an NFT for and click Save. Go to the newly created item and click the “Sell” button.
  • Since this is the first item in the collection, you will need to sign and verify four transactions in a row and pay the fee fee to the blockchain you selected when creating the collection.
  • Your products can be purchased by anyone.

and finally the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace;

You can now sell and buy NFT from the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace. Through NFTs, artists will not only earn from a one-time sale of their art, but they will continue to earn for as long as NFT tokens exist. If you can make an unusual work of art, it’s no longer so difficult to convert it to NFT and sell it. It’s easy to set up and anyone can do it.

The ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace is an open NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell NFTs. Users can also set up their own NFT store and create a storefront in minutes. Also, your NFTs are protected by a secure blockchain. Therefore, artists do not need to worry about their art being copied. All you have to do is follow the steps to create an NFT and sell it. If you are successful, it is possible to get good revenues from here. Give it a try and start selling artworks from the ICRYPEX NFT Marketplace!