What is a Bull Market?


What Is a Bull Market and When Does It Start?

Traders use various expressions to describe the current market conditions. The most famous of these are the bull market and the bear market., What does the bull market mean? A bull market means that there is buying pressure, the buying volume is more than the sellers’ volume. A bear market shows that the market is under selling pressure, with the volume of sellers being more than the volume of buyers. However, it would not be correct to describe every upward movement bull here as every downward movement bear. The bull season is used in cases where the upward movement continues for a long time. For example, the ongoing period from March 12 to November The fact that the upward movement in crypto coins

goes within a certain trend is a sign of a bull season. However, it can be stated that the PayPal’s opening of crypto buying to its users and going up breathlessly with the purchases made by the institutions can be fully expressed as a bull season. These situations, in which no or very few red candles are continued, refer to the bull season. The bull season is often used for the market. While a general rise in crypto coins refers to a bull season, only bitcoin rises can be called a bull season because
has more than fifty percent of the market in terms of volume. Therefore, the bull season has started in
in crypto money” or “The bull season has started in Bitcoin” expressions are used.


So when does the bull market (season) start?

Is it possible to predict in advance? Or can it be predicted at the beginning of the ascension that the rise will last a long time? In general, it is seen that the bull season is entered and the past price movements are examined. But analysts comment at the beginning of the rises about whether the rise is a bull season. We can say that the bull season is with news that will affect the market volume. For example, in 2019, China’s announcement that it would make a digital currency breakthrough and the rumors that it would be bitcoin were bought by the market and we had a very serious rally. Facebook’s libra news or PayPal’s entry into the crypto money sector were all the opening news of the bull season. There have also been cases where the same news has started a negative bear season. It’s like China saying it won’t use bitcoin and Facebook’s libra project facing legal hurdles.


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