What is Aragon (ANT) Token, How Does Aragon Token Work?

What is ant coin?

Imagine a company that has no owner or general manager. Let a group of people come together and manage the entire process. This may be surprising to many people, but it is considered quite normal in the cryptocurrency world. In the cryptocurrency world, this operating process is called DAO , which stands for decentralized autonomous organization in Turkish. In this article, where we will discuss the Aragon project, which basically enables the creation and management of DAOs, we will ask “What is ANT coin?” to get to know the local cryptocurrency of the project. We will also look for an answer to the question. First, let’s look at what the Aragon project is.

What is the Aragon Project?

What is aragon token?

Decentralized governance and business model dominates the cryptocurrency world and blockchain technology. This system, defined as DAO, is operated thanks to a special technology called smart contracts . In fact, this order strengthens the basis for creating a fair, transparent and participatory financial system. DAOs are of critical importance in creating cooperation between people, financing projects and even making decisions. The Aragon project basically offers solutions in the field of creation and management of DAOs.

Aragon is a community-focused project committed to strengthening freedom through the tools it creates for the development of decentralized governance. These tools created by Aragon support people to organize freely wherever they are, without the need for any intermediary.

In fact, thanks to Aragon; It is possible to build organizations that can be created instantly, cannot be shut down by governments, are resistant to internet censorship, and allow small groups of people to collaborate effectively. In his own words, Aragon provides people with Lego pieces to build new generation organizations . So, what is ANT coin?

What is ANT Coin?

ANT coin is actually a token. It is known as the native cryptocurrency of the project. ANT token is also used in the management and decision-making processes of the project. This gives Aragon token holders the power to influence the direction and policies of the organization. ANT holders can have a say in the progress of the project by voting. Apart from functionality, this cryptocurrency is held by investors for investment purposes for the future development of the platform.

ant features

What are the Features of Aragon (ANT)?

The Aragon platform offers great ease of use to individuals or institutions who want to create and manage their own DAOs. This is a great source of motivation for people who do not have DAO development experience or have limited technical knowledge and helps them meet their needs at this point.

The cryptocurrency world is volatile. This means frequent price fluctuations may occur. In this situation, the Aragon platform aims to maintain price stability with its low volatility protocol . In this context, it can mitigate price fluctuations by buying back tokens or selling tokens to limit the price increase.

Additionally, the Aragon project attaches importance to the concept of personal data. This means that no personal information is requested from those who want to benefit from the solutions provided by Aragon.

What is Aragon (ANT) Token Technology and How Does It Work?

How does ant token work?

To have more detailed information about the Aragon project, you can look at its technology and how it works. Aragon offers products in production and development stages. What these products are and what they do are as follows.


  • Aragon Client: Easy-to-use and free online DAO generator for beginners and developers. This product enables the creation of the first DAO in a few clicks; It allows managing members, voting, and managing funds directly on the blockchain without the need for a single line of code.


  • Aragon Govern: The next generation solution for creating DAOs. It is designed to provide even greater freedom of movement, but to be relatively time-consuming to deploy. Although it is in a position that may require significant technical infrastructure, it hosts many exciting new opportunities.
  • Aragon Voice: Thanks to this gas-free and universally verifiable solution, proposals can be submitted for any ERC-20 token and votes can be cast using a decentralized end-to-end verifiable protocol.
  • Aragon Vocdoni: This voting protocol powers the platform; It is universally verifiable by resorting to blockchain technology combined with decentralized technologies and cryptographic mechanisms. With its secure structure, it is designed to be resistant to both attacks and censorship.
  • Aragon Court: It is a resolution protocol that addresses subjective disputes that cannot be resolved with smart contracts. A number of guardians are appointed to resolve each dispute, and these guardians are obliged to vote.

Developers can also integrate the application called Agent into their DAOs. This allows organizations to directly interact with smart contracts on Ethereum. Anyone can develop their own app for their organization or publish it for others to use.

Who are the Founders of Aragon (ANT)?

Aragon(ANT) was created by Luis Ivan Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo in 2016 and was officially launched in 2018. These two people set out to find solutions to the emerging social crises and failures in democracy and founded Aragon, which is based in Switzerland.

These two people are also the founders of Aragon One, which is known as a company that creates the tools and community necessary for the success of the Aragon project.

How to Store Aragon (ANT)?

Being an ERC-20-based token, ANT token can be stored in centralized crypto exchanges, hot or cold wallets, and paper wallets that support ERC-20-based Ethereum assets.

For people who actively trade on central crypto exchanges, hosting Aragon tokens on central exchanges can provide rapid results. Like hundreds of cryptocurrencies, ANT token can be easily stored on ICRYPEX. At ICRYPEX, cold storage is preferred as the hosting method in order to build a high level of protection for users’ assets.

How to Buy and Sell Aragon (ANT) Coin?

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