What is AirSwap (AST) Coin? How Does AST Coin Work?

What is airswap ast?

While the cryptocurrency and NFT world is constantly evolving, the Airswap project attracts attention with its innovative features that will positively contribute to the trading experience of users. Could this system, which offers a safe and user-friendly platform, be a chance for crypto and NFT investors? So, what are AirSwap and AST coin, how exactly do they work? Let’s get to know this innovative platform better.

What is AirSwap?

What is airswap?

AirSwap serves as a decentralized exchange that allows both cryptocurrency and NFT trading. With the power it receives from blockchain and smart contracts, it makes it possible for users to buy and sell among themselves without the need for any intermediary.

AirSwap is an innovative platform that allows users to exchange their cryptocurrencies with each other safely, quickly and directly. In addition to being a marketplace for NFTs, it is also used to mint NFTs.

What are the Features of AirSwap (AST)?

  • No Storage Obligation: Cryptocurrencies do not have to be stored on AirSwap. All transactions occur between two parties. This can minimize the risks that may occur.
  • Price is Reliable: Hedging trading companies in central exchanges enables them to provide liquidity at competitive prices. In AirSwap, transactions occur between peers; It can prevent risks such as price changes, fraudulent transactions or manipulation during the transaction.
  • No Limits: Any trade; It takes place between two parties, two tokens and a smart contract. Any digital asset can be exchanged at a certain price and quantity. Transactions are completed very quickly and cheaply.
  • No Registration Required: Those who want to become AirSwap users are not expected to register on the platform. In this way, the need for sharing personal information is eliminated.

What is AST Coin?

What is ast coin?

AST coin is actually a token. The reason for this is that it is developed on Ethereum and therefore does not have its own blockchain. Those who want to get more information about Ethereum, on which many projects have been developed, can take a look at our content: What is Ethereum?

AST token is the native cryptocurrency of the AirSwap project. It is used for participation in the governance and development of the AirSwap platform. AST token holders can earn returns by actively working on the platform and contributing to the platform. At the same time, this digital asset is also used in transactions on AirSwap.

How many AST coins there are in total is among the frequently asked questions about this project. The maximum supply of this project is unknown, but the total supply is determined as 500 million units.

How Does AST Coin Work?

How does ast coin work?

The AirSwap project, a peer-to-peer exchange protocol in which users do not have to store their cryptocurrencies, uses Ethereum’s smart contract capabilities. This protocol not only provides its users with access to a large network of cryptocurrency traders, but also facilitates transactions of all ERC-20 tokens.

Thanks to the protocol, users can discover counterparts with high trading potential, make direct trading calls with each other, and even communicate privately. In the AirSwap protocol, every trade has a “maker” who sets the bid for the trade and a “taker” who has the option to accept it. When a trade occurs, the buyer pays the requested amount to the maker.

Apart from these, AirSwap uses AST coin to help users pay for using the platform and its features. This process also contributes to the adoption of AST coin.

Who is the Owner of AirSwap?

Who owns airswap?

AirSwap was launched in 2017 by Michael Oved, Sam Tabar, Don Mosites. What these three names had in common was that they gained experience in the financial sector before revealing the AirSwap project.

Michael Oved is the co-founder and CEO of the AirSwap project. Sam Tabar, one of the other founding partners of this project, was responsible for the strategy area at AirSwap. Don Mosites, the third founding partner of the project, was working on the project in the product field.

What can be said about the future of AST Coin?

What can be said about the future of ast coin?

Rapid developments in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets increase the importance of innovative platforms such as AirSwap day by day. With its decentralized structure, user-friendly interface and secure trading opportunities, AirSwap may be a candidate to be one of the platforms preferred by crypto and NFT investors in the future. So, how will the future of AST coin, the native cryptocurrency of the AirSwap project, take shape?

First of all, the growth in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem could present a huge advantage for AirSwap. As the popularity of DeFi projects increases, users may turn to decentralized exchanges, and such a development could expand AirSwap’s user base. In particular, with the proliferation of crypto assets and NFTs, the safe and fast trading opportunities offered by AirSwap may attract more attention.

Additionally, the continued development of AirSwap and the addition of new features may be among the important factors that will support the future success of the platform. Innovations such as new user-friendly interfaces, improved security measures and expanded token support can increase AirSwap’s competitiveness and reinforce users’ trust in the platform.

In addition, the active participation of the AirSwap community and its influence in governance processes can make significant contributions to the future development of the platform. AST token holders can play an active role in determining the future direction of AirSwap by participating in the platform’s governance and development processes. This can enable the platform to respond to the needs and demands of its users more quickly and effectively. As a result of all these, the future of AST coin may be shaped.

Where to Buy AirSwap (AST Coin)?

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