What is Bitcoin Futures?

Futures trading is simply buying and selling at a future date at the price determined on the trading day. Investors use these processes to reduce their risk. With the high volatility of Bitcoin, its risk is higher than other investment instruments. The fact that the price of bitcoin is more speculative reasons prevents bitcoin from being used in daily life. The fact that countries allow bitcoin futures is very important for the use of bitcoin in daily life. 


Bitcoin Investments

In the world economic market, the
price of bitcoin
varies according to the mining production done and is seen as a profitable investment by investors. Bitcoin prices can be speculated. Speculating on Bitcoin prices has two consequences.

  • Bitcoin futures can be traded on Bitcoin exchanges and can eliminate various risks.
  • In countries where bitcoin transactions are prohibited, what is cryptocurrency in bitcoin futures: it is allowed to speculate on

With futures, you can determine your position according to yourself by making long-term plans. With this method, you can agree to hedge and sell assets at certain prices.


What is Futures?

Futures are transactions to buy or sell investment products in the future at a variable price. In futures, the parties make their trading transactions at prices determined independently of the market prices with the contracts they make. In futures, the aim is not to generate profits, but to protect assets against price changes and to prevent risks that may occur.

Bitcoin Futures Contract

In Bitcoin futures contracts, two types of positions, long and short , are determined. In the case of long positions, when the contract ends, at the price set, you agree to buy bitcoin in the future period. For short positions, you agree to sell your bitcoin asset at the specified price.

Futures Contracts

Futures contracts for Bitcoin exchange investments allow the purchase or sale of products at certain prices. In the contract made, the purchase is called a long position and selling is called a short position. The parties want to make transactions among themselves without being affected by the actual market price change. In futures contracts, it is aimed to keep the volatile investment price fluctuations of bitcoin assets in a certain balance. 


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