“What is Cryptocurrency?” for Beginners

What is cryptocurrency, what is it for? We have prepared a guide article for those who are curious. Before explaining this issue in detail, let’s briefly talk about the exit point of crypto money.

The digital currency sector is making better progress day by day, consolidating its position in the financial markets. As technology develops, of course, it has inevitable reflections on every aspect of our lives. A similar situation exists for the financial system.

In the early days of history, trade was carried out through barter. For the first time money began to be used by the Lydians. 19. As of the century, mass production products and high-volume trade emerged, and this situation brought banknotes to our lives with the development of the printing press. Today, we live in the age of digital technologies and we want everything to happen in the fastest and safest way. This shows us that the age of crypto coins in the financial system has come.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Digital currencies produced by blockchain technology, the system in which all transactions are recorded with the distributed ledger-i g/l method, where the blocks are added to each other in chains, it is called a cryptocurrency.

Especially in the 2008 financial crisis, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the crisis management process that followed, it was seen that currencies were in the hands of central governments.  This situation has caused people to lose confidence in the world financial and monetary system and to look for alternative solutions. A newly developed technology has been the answer to this search, bitcoin.

What Does Cryptocurrency Do?

Bitcoin, which first appeared as a cryptocurrency, was developed depending on blockchain technology, which is not possible to manage from a single source, and emerged as a technology that allows money transfer transactions to be made much faster and at lower costs. Over time, with the spread and progress of this technology, alternative coins (altcoins) as we know today have emerged.

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Today, crypto coins are strengthening their place in the financial system as an investment tool that is becoming more reliable every day and can be obtained with good returns. In addition, crypto coins, especially in the leadership of online shopping, are on the way to becoming a part of the trading system as a fast and reliable payment tool. 

In today’s world where technology has changed everything in our lives, cryptocurrencies continue to change and transform the financial system.

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