What is Play to Earn?

What Is Play To Earn?

The global gaming industry, which began in arcades in the 1980s, continues to grow rapidly. With the development of technology, very popular and advanced games are coming to the market. We even see that unreleased games are expected by large masses. With the pandemic also closing people to their homes, only 2 in 2020 for mobile games. Approximately USD 19 million was spent during the quarter. With the development of mobile games and smartphones, we can say that the audience playing games is also growing rapidly. An innovative perspective on the burgeoning gaming industry also came from the crypto sector. The name of this area, which brings together the increasingly popular crypto and gaming sector, is the Play To Earn (play-win) system.

In short, all of the game systems where you can earn crypto money by playing games, completing various tasks in the games played are defined as Play-To-Earn (P2E). To earn cryptocurrency with Play-to Earn, you just need to play the game of your choice. In all P2E systems, instead of spending money on the game, you earn cryptocurrency as you play. As you play the game, your tokens accumulate in your in-game account. Once you have accumulated your tokens, you can sell them by withdrawing your tokens to the wallets that are given compatibility by the game system, then the tokens you earn by playing the game are converted into fiat money that you can use for real payments.

What Are Play-to-Earn Games? How does it work?

Not every game on the market is a Play to Earn game, of course.
Some play to earn games;
-Axie Infinity
– Alien Worlds
– Decentraland (MANA)

Apart from these games, there are many games with a win-play system on the market. Although the names and game contents change, the working system of the games is the same. Play the game, complete missions, earn your cryptocurrency. Some games may have a lower withdrawal limit for withdrawing your tokens. Or entry fees may be incurred to the system to play more games. It should be added that you can earn NFT-based earnings in Play to Earn games except for crypto coins. You can buy Trivians Token, a play-win token, from ICRYPEX or sell the tokens you earn in the game.

How to Earn Trivia Tokens?

One of the most common P2E games is Trivians. Developed by 3K Games, you can earn Trivians Token (TRIVIA) by logging in for free. You can accumulate TRIVIA by answering thousands of questions correctly in this knowledge-based game. You can spend your accumulated tokens in the game if you want, or you can withdraw them to your hot wallets. The game, which has been played by 254,000 people to date, shares its advertising and in-game revenues with its players. Therefore, every day the player continues to win.