What is POLS Coin? What Does Polkastarter Do?

What is Pols coin?

A project idea emerges on the blockchain almost every day. While some of these ideas come to life, some are lost at the idea stage. Polkastarter prepares the ground for starting a cryptocurrency project, providing the necessary financing and receiving support in the promotion processes. Embracing investors who want to gain early access to promising cryptocurrency projects, Polkastarter offers a market for those who want to seize opportunities. In this article, together with Polkastarter, “ What is POLS coin? We will also look for an answer to the question.

What is Polkastarter Project and POLS Coin?

Polkastarter is a blockchain-based decentralized platform created specifically to launch new crypto projects and raise funding . It also helps cryptocurrency projects that want to realize this initiative to significantly expand their communities. In other words, a cryptocurrency project that wants to launch a launchpad and is looking for financial support can easily realize this wish thanks to Polkastarter.

The Polkastarter project , which runs on the Ethereum blockchain, aims to secure early access for investors to IDOs, NFTs, Gaming Web3 innovations. It aims to become one of the leading fundraising platforms by enabling users to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales and gaming projects . While doing all this, it informs users who want to invest in projects on its platforms and supports them in making the right decisions.

So what is POLS coin? POLS coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Polkastarter project. Those who hold a certain amount of this cryptocurrency are eligible to participate in IDO and NFT sales. In fact, the more Polkastarter coins you own, the more you can participate in these sales. Besides this, this digital asset can also be staked on Polkastarter. Thus, while users increase the amount of POLS coins they own, they can also increase their privileges to participate in IDO and NFT sales.

Additionally, projects that will hold a launchpad on Polkastarter can use the Polkastarter coin as an intermediary and make special requests from users who will participate in their launchpads. For example, a project may ask people who want to participate in its launchpad to stake POLS coins, or those who hold a large amount of POLS coins may be entitled to receive more tokens/coins after the launchpad. In fact, as can be understood from here; Cryptocurrency projects using the Polkastarter platform can create diverse communities of token holders who are loyal to them and invested in their long-term success.

In all this information, “What is Pols?” Now that we have answered the question, we can move on to the details of the Polkastarter project.

polkastarter coin advantages

Advantages of Polkastarter Coin (POLS)

The Polkastarter project offers a number of advantages to both those who launch a new cryptocurrency project and investors who want to participate in these initiated projects. These advantages are as follows:

  • Ease of Access: Polkastarter enables new and small-scale crypto projects to get funding quickly. This allows developers and projects to gain access to a wider audience of investors.
  • Lower Costs: Compared to traditional financing methods, it is generally lower cost to raise funds through platforms like Polkastarter. This makes the fundraising processes of projects more efficient.
  • Faster Transaction Processes: Platforms such as Polkastarter offer faster transaction processes by using the speed and security advantages provided by blockchain technology. This allows investors and projects to transact more quickly.
  • Cross-Chain Transaction Capabilities: Polkastarter works integrated with cross-chain technologies such as Polkadot. This allows asset transfers and transactions to be carried out easily between different blockchains.
  • Enhanced Security: Polkastarter has a security-focused approach and provides various security measures and controls to protect users’ funds.
  • Value Increase Potential: Users can invest in cryptocurrency projects that they see as potential for the future through Polkastarter. If everything goes as they think, they can earn serious returns in the future.
  • Supporting Innovative Projects: Polkastarter encourages the development of innovative and high-tech projects. This contributes to further innovation and advancement of the crypto ecosystem.

These advantages make platforms like Polkastarter an important source of financing and growth for crypto projects, connecting investors with potential and contributing to making the crypto ecosystem more robust and innovative.

pols coin features

What are the Features of Polkastarter?

Some unique features of the Polkastarter project help make it valuable in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. These features are as follows:

  • KYC Integration: With this security model, fraud is prevented. This way, only users who verify their accounts can join projects’ launchpads.
  • NFT Sales Platform: Any NFT project, whether assets for the metaverse, art, gaming, can be launched through this platform.
  • Management: The management team of the Polkastarter project consists of independent companies, projects and individuals who guide the Polkastarter selection process and assist in the development of the platform.
  • POLS Staking: The Polkastarter project has a metric called ‘POLS Power’. Staking POLS on Polkastarter entitles users to participate in launchpads. The more POLS Power a user has, the more likely they are to participate in launchpads.
  • Fair Raffle System: The raffle system, which is protected against possible deception and offers a fair attitude, gives equal rights to everyone who wants to participate in launchpads, excluding the POLS Power metric.

When was POLS Coin released and who is its founder?

founder of polkastarter

POLS coin, the native cryptocurrency of the Polkastarter project, was launched on September 29, 2020 . There are three founding partners in the founding story of this project.

Daniel Stockhaus , in addition to being the co-founder, is also the CEO of the Polkastarter project.

Another co-founder, Tiago Martins , is the co-founder of the project and serves as CTO. Finally, Miguel Leite, in addition to being the founding partner of the project, assumes the role of COO.

What was the highest point that POLS Coin hit?

POLS coin reached its ATH (highest price level) so far on December 7, 2021. This figure is 5.26 dollars.

How Much is the POLS Coin Supply?

The total supply of Polkastarter coin is determined as 100,000,000 units. Of this total supply, 99,221,432 units are in circulation. This value means that more than 99% of the total supply, evaluated as a percentage, is in circulation.

Which Exchange Has POLS Coin?

POLS coin is currently traded on many cryptocurrency exchanges globally. One of these exchanges is ICRYPEX. ICRYPEX users can trade Polkastarter coins in just a few seconds thanks to the platform’s ‘Quick Buy’ Sell feature. In addition, thanks to ICRYPEX’s ‘Pro Buy’ feature, users can enter orders to buy and sell POLS coins at the prices they set.

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