What is SingularityNET (AGIX)? Which Advantages Does It Offer?

SingularityNET is a platform to easily and quickly create, share and monetize artificial intelligence (AI) services. SingularityNET is one of the projects where artificial intelligence and blockchain technology interact. The native cryptocurrency of this project is AGIX, which is generated on the Ethereum blockchain. In this article, we will be looking for answers to questions such as what is SingularityNET, what are the advantages of SingularityNET, what does AGIX do?

What is SingularityNET (AGIX)? What Does It Do?

Artificial intelligence is a phenomenon that makes work efficiency and people’s lives easier by automating processes. Artificial intelligence continues to integrate into lives and its impact is felt in many areas. It has reached great popularity and is increasing its popularity day by day. For this reason, the number of services provided in the field of artificial intelligence is increasing rapidly.

SingularityNET is a marketplace that anyone globally can access and make artificial intelligence (AI) services available . AI services can be created in this marketplace. Through SingularityNET, users can review, test and purchase these AI services. For these purchased services, service producers can earn AGIX, the native cryptocurrency of this project.

SingularityNET is an opportunity for developers in the field of artificial intelligence to share their work. AI tools and libraries created by AI developers are published on this platform. Buyers can test AI services on this platform at no cost, and if they wish, they can purchase these services for AGIX.

AGIX holders can have a say in voting on changes to the SingularityNET network and can also stake their assets. SingularityNET also aims to contribute to the production of more advanced AI applications by encouraging collaboration between AI creators. Those who need a different solution than the AI services available on the platform can access SingularityNET’s extensive community of AI experts and express their needs.

AGIX is the native cryptocurrency of the SingularityNET platform. It is on the Ethereum blockchain and uses Proof of Workas its consensus algorithm. The ability of AGIX investors to stake their assets was introduced as a later feature.

SingularityNET also supports robotics. You can find out what SingularityNET has put forward in this context near the end of this article.

Which Advantages Does SingularityNET Offer?

Network Effect:

SingularityNET creates a network between AI producers and users. With each new participant that joins the platform, the network becomes more valuable. This network effect supports the growth of the platform. This would increase the number of AI services offered globally and enable more users to benefit from them.

Diversity in Artificial Intelligence Services:

Many manufacturers offering services in the field of artificial intelligence can be found on this platform. In this way, users can access the most suitable AI solutions for their needs and easily switch between different services.

Enhanced Cooperation:

SingularityNET supports service providers in many different fields of artificial intelligence to work together. They can share their knowledge and skills among themselves and perform challenging tasks together. This could lead to advanced AI applications.

Decentralized Structure:

SingularityNET has a decentralized structure powered by blockchain technology. Based on this, users can transact in a secure and transparent manner. With less dependence on a central authority or intermediary, direct sharing transactions between users can take place.

Fair and Transparent Market:

The SingularityNET platform allows developers to share and monetize their services. Users can also evaluate different services, provide feedback and access service providers. This creates fair competition and supports the emergence of valuable AI solutions.

Possibility to Test:

Buyers can try out the services offered by AI developers without any payment. This way, they can see if their needs are being met, and they don’t have to pay for a solution that won’t work for them.

Training and Support Services:

SingularityNET provides training and support services to artificial intelligence (AI) developers and users. Thanks to this option of SingularityNET, more effective solutions can emerge in the field of artificial intelligence and users can benefit from artificial intelligence solutions in the most efficient way.

Who are the Founders of SingularityNET?

SingularityNET consists of a large team of scientists, developers, researchers and engineers working in the field of artificial intelligence. The SingularityNET project was announced in 2017 and is led by Dr. David Hanson and Dr. Ben Goertzel.

Dr. Ben Goertzel, who has made valuable achievements in the artificial intelligence and robotics industry, serves as CEO and chief scientist at SingularirtyNET. Dr. Ben Goertzel has a deep background in leading technology companies, including Hanson Robotics and the OpenCog Foundation.

Dr. David Hanson, co-founder of the project, has more than 10 years of experience in robotics and artificial intelligence. In addition, he is the founder and CEO of Hanson Robotics.

What is SingularityNET’s Proximity to Robotics?

Real photo of Sophia, the robot created by SingularityNet.

Hanson Robotics, known for its artificial intelligence and robotics technologies, has developed a robot prototype called Sophia. Sophia is a human-like robot and is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence. Sophia’s goal is to raise awareness in society as a human-like AI being and to interact with humans as strongly as possible.

Some of Sophia’s remarkable features are her real-time emotional responses and her ability to interact with people. They can imitate facial expressions, make eye contact and communicate with people through their speech skills. At the same time, he or she can understand and answer questions posed to him or her through natural language processing.

Sophia’s AI capabilities are powered by an AI system that runs on the SingularityNET platform and uses deep learning algorithms. This is why Sophia continues to learn and the process of development does not stop. Sophia’s communication skills are directly proportional to her knowledge and experience.

Sophia, a reflection of technological progress and the potential of artificial intelligence, sheds light on the future of these two concepts.

To summarize, SingularityNET creates a platform that brings together artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Basically, it is positioned as a marketplace accessible to everyone to bring together those who produce services in the field of artificial intelligence and those who want to benefit from this service.

This platform offers great potential for organizations in different sectors and serves as a bridge for collaborations and innovative solutions. SingularityNET’s open and decentralized structure provides participants with secure data sharing and collaboration. This allows AI applications to be developed in a more effective, fair and transparent way. With all these capabilities, SingularityNET can play a role in transforming the impact of AI on society and industry in the future.

What Other Things to Know About SingularityNET (AGIX)?

To learn a little more about SingularityNET and its native token AGIX, it is useful to look at the answers to some of the following questions.

Is AGIX a token? Or is it a coin?

Coin is a cryptocurrency created on its own blockchain. A token is a cryptocurrency that does not have its own blockchain and is created on an existing blockchain. AGIX is a token on the Ethereum blockchain, rather than having its own blockchain structure.

Which blockchain is AGIX on?

AGIX is on the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, AGIX is built according to ERC-20 standards.

Is AGIX being mined?

AGIX is a non-mined cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to get AGIX?

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