What is Worldcoin (WLD)? Which Advantages Does It Offer?

Worldcoin aims to build the world’s largest identity and financial network. Thanks to Worldcoin, it is possible to distinguish between artificial intelligence and human beings. Human identities are protected and fraudulent activities are prevented. Worldcoin’s native cryptocurrency is WLD. In this article, we will look for answers to questions such as what is Worldcoin (WLD), what does Worldcoin (WLD) do, what are the advantages of Worldcoin (WLD).

What is Worldcoin (WLD)? What Does It Do?

The continuous development of artificial intelligence makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish between humans and artificial intelligence. The fact that artificial intelligence’s ability to imitate humans has reached a high value opens the door to many problems for humans. In fact, it can even be a question mark whether something is actually produced by a human or an artificial intelligence. With billions of people on the planet, this distinction is becoming increasingly complex.

Worldcoin aims to be a solution to this situation as an iris biometric cryptocurrency project. It was created for everyone to have a new identity and to create a financial network. Greatly increasing economic opportunities and securely distinguishing humans from AI is Worldcoin’s goal for success.

Thanks to Worldcoin, people can have a privacy-preserving digital identity (World ID) and WLD, Wordlcoin’s native cryptocurrency, just for being human. WorldID proves that individuals are truly human. To counter bots and fake virtual identities, Worldcoin hopes to provide a trusted way for authentication called World ID.

Worldcoin can be used to facilitate real-life actions such as preventing bot accounts on social media and voting in elections. These examples can be replicated for every transaction where authentication is required.

WLD, the local cryptocurrency of Worldcoin, is used for purposes such as performing authentication transactions, participating in governance processes, and rewarding its operators.

What Advantages Does Worldcoin (WLD) Offer?

The advantages offered by Worldcoin with the innovations it has brought to the blockchain field are as follows.


It distinguishes whether an action is performed by an AI or a human. This puts an end to uncertainty and prevents counterfeiting.


Worldcoin only requires an eye scan from users. As far as is known, it does not request any personal information from users. This ensures that users’ privacy is protected.


Everyone who gets a Word ID gets WLD coins. It’s an innovative way to distribute coins to everyone in the world for free. In addition, people who serve as Orb operators are also rewarded with WLD tokens.

Real Life Applications

If Worldcoin can be integrated into processes that require authentication in real-life applications, it could streamline processes.

How to Register at Worldcoin?

To obtain a World ID, the World App must first be downloaded and connected to a compatible wallet. In the next step, the closest Orb point to the current location should be visited and iris scanning should be performed by the Orb operator. After these procedures, you may be eligible to receive a World ID.

The countries where Orb points are currently available are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Mexico, Portugal, Singapore, Singapore, Spain, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States. Orb points may seem limited at the moment, but they are growing in number.

There will also be those who want to be Orb operators in the Worldcoin project. In order to become an Orb operator; First of all, the application form must be filled in. An interview is conducted with those deemed suitable. If everything is still going well, they are sent an Orb device and given basic training. Such an Orb operator is born and helps people who want to register for Worldcoin.

How does Worldcoin (WLD) Work?

Worldcoin's iris scanning process with Orb technology.
Worldcoin’s iris scanning process with Orb technology.

In order to distinguish between artificial intelligence and human beings, Worldcoin initially used Orb technology. Orb technology is a biometric technology that takes pictures of individuals’ eyes. This photograph, taken with Orb technology, is converted into a digital array and recorded as the only personal information to verify the authenticity and uniqueness of humanity. The photo is now data and is securely stored in Word ID, which can also be described as a digital passport.

As a result of all these transactions, people are eligible to receive WLD, Worldcoin’s native cryptocurrency, free of charge and are included in this created system. People can access World ID, which can be defined as a digital passport, through their phones. When the operating process of Worldcoin is examined, it is seen that it does not collect personal data and therefore does not store it. This technology, which ensures that humanity is real, protects privacy using zero-knowledge proof.

Who are the Founders of Worldcoin (WLD)?

Alex Blania / Sam Altman (Founders of Worldcoin)

Worldcoin was founded in 2019 by Sam Altman, Alex Blania and Max Novendstern and was launched on July 24, 2023.

Sam Altman is the founder and CEO of Worldcoin. He started studying computer science at Stanford University but dropped out after one year. After leaving the university in 2005, he founded Loopt, a location-based social networking mobile application. He was a partner at Y Combinator in 2011 before Loopt was sold to Green Dot Corporation in 2012. He was CEO of Reddit for 8 days after the CEO of Reddit stepped down. In 2020, Sam Altman left Y Combinator and joined OpenAI as CEO. It would not be wrong to say that Sam Altman, who is still CEO of OpenAI today, is at the center of artificial intelligence. His experience at OpenAI will also make it easier for the Worldcoin project to move forward.

Alex Blania is the co-founder and CEO of Tools for Humanity, a company that helped launch the Worldcoin project and produces tools for its development. Another co-founder of this company is Sam Altman. Alex Blania graduated in Industrial Engineering from FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. He dropped out of his master’s degree in physics at the same university, started a master’s degree in physics, but did not finish it. He received his master’s degree in physics from the California Institute of Technology. Looking at his professional life, it is seen that his first experience was at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light as a doctoral student in the field of theoretical physics. Afterwards, he was a researcher at the California Institute of Technology. After his academic career, he started Tools for Humanity.

Max Novendstern is co-founder of the Worldcoin project and has also served as CEO of prada. Max Novendstern holds a degree in Philosophy from Harvard University and started his career as an investment associate at Bridgewater Associates. He then worked in finance at Wave Mobile Money and later became one of the founders of Worldcoin. He is currently the founder and CEO of Mana, a research services company. Its ties with Wordcoin are ongoing.

What Other Things to Know About Worldcoin (WLD)?

To find out a little more about Worldcoin (WLD), it is useful to look at the answers to some of the following questions.

Is WLD a token? Or is it a coin?

Coin is a cryptocurrency created on its own blockchain. A token is a cryptocurrency that does not have its own blockchain and is created on an existing blockchain. WLD is a token because it does not have its own blockchain.

Which blockchain is the WLD token on?

The WLD token was created on the Ethereum blockchain in accordance with ERC-20 standards.

Is WLD token being mined?

WLD is not mined. However, Worldcoin operators help run and operate the Orb and earn WLD coins for providing this service.

How to buy WLD token?

To buy WLD tokens, it is sufficient to create a membership on ICRYPEX. Once the membership process is complete, buying and selling other cryptocurrencies including WLD token is fast, easy and secure.

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