What is XAGx Silver Token? What Is It For?

Cryptocurrencies are at the forefront of a wave transforming the financial world. These digital assets have transcended the boundaries of traditional financial systems and become an impressive presence in global markets. As part of this evolution, XAGx Silver Token , a stablecoin based on physical silver , offers significant opportunities for investors. So, what is XAGx Silver Token? Let’s take a closer look at this cryptocurrency project, defined as digital silver .

What is XAGx?

XAGx Silver Token is digital silver in its purest form. Essentially, it represents ownership of actual physical silver . It is a collateralized stablecoin project that is directly indexed to ounces of silver . It was developed by NEOMO Technologies and Trading LLC on the Avalanche blockchain network with the C-Chain smart contract.

XAGx Silver Token offers users physical silver ownership at affordable costs. Physical silver is tokenized with the XAGx Silver Token. In other words, it has gained a digital form. This actually means that the company that created the project for each XAGx Silver Token keeps physical silver in banks and safes. In this case, those who own XAGx Silver Token will be investing in physical silver.

Thanks to XAGx Silver Token, people who want to invest in silver are not subject to physical limitations. Being able to own silver digitally makes it easier to access and use silver. The storage problem that occurs when silver is purchased or wanted to be purchased physically and the limited supply problem in its channels ends with XAGx Silver Token. Additionally, with its physical value and potential to reduce volatility, users can act much more decisively and safely in the cryptocurrency markets.

It should be underlined that XAGx Silver Token can be bought, sold, exchanged, stored and transferred safely on cryptocurrency exchanges 24/7 . Thus, silver becomes constantly traded all over the world.

What are the Advantages of XAGx Silver Token?

In addition to owning silver, which is considered a value investment , XAGx Silver Token offers a number of advantages to users as it is a digital asset. These are as follows:

  • Accessibility: Being accessible 24/7, it allows silver to be accessed from anywhere at any time. Thus, users can instantly buy, sell, store, transfer, and even exchange silver for digital assets.
  • Stability and Reliability: Considering silver as a financial asset that maintains its long-term value, its digital form can be used as a safe haven to protect against volatile conditions in crypto markets.
  • Instant Price Index: Thanks to the fact that XAGx Silver Token is indexed to the silver USD price per ounce, investments can be adjusted instantly.
  • Transparency: Each XAGx Token minted and burned can be tracked on the blockchain network. Additionally, the functioning of these processes is shared with the public.
  • No Purchase Restrictions: XAGx Silver Token can be purchased even as much as 0.000001 ounces of silver. This removes the limit on silver access.
  • Secure Storage: It minimizes the risks associated with storing individual physical silver with superior security storage methods.
  • High Liquidity: It allows instant buying and selling with stable price movements.
  • Collateral: Each minted XAGx Silver Token is collateralized by physical silver and is kept in the bank and safe of the token owner company.

With all these advantages, XAGx Silver Token offers great comfort and a safe structure to investors by reducing the difficulties in accessing and storing physical silver.

What are the Purposes of Using XAGx Silver Token?

XAGx Silver Token can be easily integrated with the features offered by cryptocurrency exchanges. Considering this, the potential usage purposes of XAGx Silver Token can be listed as follows.

  • Buying and Selling Transactions: With XAGx Silver Token, buying and selling transactions can be made in both fiat and PoS crypto currency transaction pairs. This means that a cryptocurrency indexed to the price of an ounce of silver can be used in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Crypto Conversion: Small remaining balances from trades can be converted into XAGx Silver Token.
  • Staking: XAGx Silver Token can provide returns to its investors after being locked for a certain period of time. Additionally, the stable structure of the XAGx Silver Token can help investors receive higher rewards as a result of staking it with different pairs.
  • Transfer Fee Discount: XAGx Silver Token holders may be exempt from gas fees charged through the blockchain network for cryptocurrency withdrawals.
  • Commission Fee discount XAGx Silver Token holders may be offered the advantage of a low commission rate in cryptocurrency trading transactions.
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transfer: XAGx Silver Token can be connected to P2P (peer-to-peer) transfer services.
  • Liquidity Farming: Liquidity farming operations can be carried out by using XAGx Silver Token in other cryptocurrencies at the same time. Those who pledge enough XAGx Silver Tokens to the liquidity pool can earn rewards for their contribution.
  • Dual Investment: Returns can be obtained by locking the XAGx Silver Token with two or more cryptocurrencies.

XAGx Silver Token is ready to be used for all these purposes. You can benefit from the rich range of uses of the cryptocurrency exchange, with its features and the service strategy it offers to its users.

How Does XAGx Silver Token Work?

To take a closer look at XAGx Silver Token, it is necessary to examine its working logic. 1 XAGx Silver Token was created to be equivalent to 1 ounce of silver. Each 1 XAGx Silver Token progresses the entire process in a balanced manner with the power it receives from smart contracts .

It is essential to maintain the balance of supply and demand in XAGx Silver Token. For this reason, 250,000 tokens were minted. Of course, it should be underlined that the token supply can be increased or decreased in order to maintain the supply-demand balance with physical silver. The entire Mint transaction is carried out through a smart contract. Thanks to periodic checks, the supply-demand balance is equalized to 250,000 units.

Maintaining the silver price is achieved by establishing the supply and demand balance. At the point where the supply-demand balance needs to be reconstructed, XAGx Silver Token is burned thanks to the smart contract. As a result of this process, tokens are permanently destroyed. This means that the tokens will be removed from circulation. Another action taken to maintain the supply-demand balance is the minting of new tokens through smart contracts. When a new token is put into circulation, additional silver is allocated to banks or vaults. So the maximum supply is unlimited.

The instant price of the XAGx Silver Token is determined by the global USD open market price per ounce of silver. Price stability is based on the balanced relationship between current prices in the silver market and the supply of XAGx Silver Tokens.

Who is the Founder of XAGx Silver Token?

XAGx Silver Token was created by NEOMO Technologies and Trading LLC, a Georgia-based technology company.

Focusing on developing innovative financial solutions and operating in the field of trade, NEOMO has combined its expertise in technology with its trading activities. Thus, it aims to provide unique solutions to its customers and enable them to gain competitive advantages.

NEOMO, which has gained expertise in the tokenization of real-world physical assets with the aim of going beyond traditional financial systems, carries out studies to bring a more accessible and flexible investment experience to the whole world. In addition to the tokenization of physical silver, it also guides investors in preserving their assets with the solutions it offers regarding the storage and security of this digital silver.

From Which Exchange Can XAGx Silver Token Be Purchased?

The cryptocurrency exchange leading global trading of the XAGx Silver Token is ICRYPEX. Thanks to ICRYPEX, which always approaches its users with a fast, safe and transparent service approach, ‘buy and sell XAGx Silver Token‘ transactions can be carried out easily. By taking advantage of the high service standards provided by ICRYPEX, silver investments can be carried out efficiently and smoothly in the digital environment. In this way, it is possible to take full advantage of the unique advantages of the XAGx Silver Token.