haftalık kripto piyasa raporları 29 ocak 2024

Weekly Crypto Market Reports: January 29, 2024

In the crypto market report prepared by the ICRYPEX Research team and covering the week of January 29 – February 5, we compiled the current developments regarding crypto assets, price movements of crypto assets and macroeconomy.

You can take a look at the general flow of this report below, and access all the developments that took place in the 7-day period at Weekly Crypto Market Reports: January 29, 2024 .

Overview of the January 29 Weekly Crypto Market Report

There was a generally positive outlook in crypto assets last week. The week started with an increase on the Bitcoin side, but a decrease was observed on Tuesday and Wednesday. We saw an increase until the close of the week due to the arrival of macro data.

While Bitcoin closed the week above a critical level of $ 42,500, there was also significant resistance in altcoins.
We see that the levels are broken. While the total cryptocurrency market value closed the week at 1.588 trillion, Bitcoin
Dominance closed at 52.58%. Ethereum Dominance closed the week with a decrease of 17.24%.

When we look at the inflows and outflows of digital assets, an outflow of $2.234 billion is seen in ETFs by Grayscale, while an inflow of $744.6 million is seen in iShares and $643.2 million in Fidelity. When we look at cryptos
There is an outflow of $478.9 million from Bitcoin and $38.8 million from Ethereum. When we look regionally, we see an outflow of 408.8 million dollars from America and approximately 100 million dollars from Europe.

Those who want to get more comprehensive information about the week covering January 29 – February 5 can review Weekly Crypto Market Reports: January 29, 2024 .