The Gold of the Digital World, Bitcoin

The Gold of the Digital World, Bitcoin

Gold has been a reliable financial instrument for centuries. Limited supply is the main factor in this fact. Although all the gold reserves in the world have not yet mined, the supply of gold is absolute and cannot be produced when desired, like paper money. Bitcoin, which is considered as the gold of the digital world, also shows these very same features as gold. The number of Bitcoins currently available in the world is 18.4 million. The supply of Bitcoin is set at 21 million, and when this number is reached, no more Bitcoins will be mined. The total amount of Bitcoin to be mined will be reached in 2150. This situation contributes to the value of Bitcoin every day. Investors also show their confidence in Bitcoin as an investment tool like they do to gold. With the trust of the investors and the similarities it shows to gold, Bitcoin is the gold of cryptocurrency. In 2020, while gold has increased by 30% as of now, Bitcoin has increased by 65%. The "safe harbor" of the digital world, bitcoin has also been of interest to fund management companies. These companies are considering adding Bitcoin to their investments.

Similar Characteristics of Bitcoin to Gold

Can Bitcoin be digital gold? An important reason for the emergence of the query is that they have similar characteristics. Similar characteristics of Bitcoin and gold are as follows; -The rarity element applies to both, and both have a limited supply. -The medium of exchange: Both gold and bitcoin are the medium of exchange because we can exchange these assets for goods and services. -Unit of account: We can divide gold into half an ounce or a quarter ounce, same as that we can divide Bitcoin by 1 satoshi, which equates to 1 / 100,000,000 bitcoins.

So How Can I Buy Bitcoin?

You can create a free account by clicking the ‘new account’ link on the Icrypex Cryptocurrency Exchange, you can deposit money in your account and have Bitcoin immediately through the easy buy-sell menu. You can reach us by calling 0850 255 1079 and you can start your cryptocurrency investments by buying Bitcoin with the support of our cryptocurrency investment experts.

Airdrop Nedir?

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