ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) How is the Token Economy?

The token economy is also known as tokenomics. It is an expression that supports the understanding of the supply and demand characteristics of cryptocurrencies. This term makes it easier to understand the value that any cryptoasset may reach in the future and is one of the key indicators that investors look at before interacting with a cryptocurrency.

Now that we have discussed what token economics means for a cryptocurrency project, we would like to share the details of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX)’s carefully and finely engineered token economics.

ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX), developed by ICRYPEX as its own cryptocurrency, has been built on a stable token economy framework for the whole process while providing remarkable advantages to its users.

Although the supply of 500 million units of ICRYPEX TOKEN may seem high at first, it is easily realized that this figure is not actually high thanks to the professionally designed usage system and the distribution plan created with precision.

In the event that not all of the 25 million ICRYPEX TOKENS offered to users in the pre-sale are sold, the remaining amount will be transferred to the staking reward pool and evaluated as a staking reward for users.

ICRYPEX TOKEN has 45 million units reserved for the order book, but this number will not be transferred to the order book in bulk after the pre-sale. Initially, January 625 thousand tokens will be transferred from the order book to the board and put into circulation. This period, which will be repeated every month, will continue for at least 72 months and a maximum of 625 thousand tokens will be put into circulation monthly. It is also possible to go a month without including tokens in circulation. The aim of this token economy is to limit the supply.

How is the Distribution in the Token Economy of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX)?

The total supply of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) is designed to be 500 million and token distribution is handled under 6 headings. A summary table on this is immediately below, with headings on the token economy following the table.

SeparationToken Amount% of supply
Total Supply500.000.000,00100%
Staking Awards250.000.000,0050%
Company Reserve125.000.000,0025%
Order Book45.000.000,009%
Special Sale25.000.000,005%
ICRYPEX TOKEN Distribution Table


Airdrop means giving a certain amount of cryptocurrency to users for free to promote a crypto asset. In ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX), 50 million tokens were allocated for the airdrop. This corresponds to 10% of the total supply of ICRYPEX TOKENS (ICPX).

The reasons for ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX)’s airdrop can be listed as marketing activities, new user acquisition, recruitment, listing on different exchanges and joint collaborations.

Each airdrop event will be announced via ICRYPEX’s communication channels. Thus, everyone who wants to participate in this exciting event will be able to benefit from this opportunity.

It is worth underlining that these airdrop events will be adapted in a way that will not put excessive pressure on the order book. In any case, a negative impact on the stability of the token economy is something ICRYPEX would never want.

Company Reserve

A company reserve can be defined as a resource created to ensure the future development, sustainability and liquidity of a company. The company’s reserves can also be used for strategic investments. ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) has reserved 125 million tokens for the company’s reserve. This corresponds to 25% of the total supply of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX), which is 500 million.

The company reserve of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) is reserved for exceptional cases and is intended for regular market use. If ICRYPEX intends to use these funds for any other purpose, such as the merger or acquisition of another crypto project/platform, ICRYPEX will inform its users immediately via communication channels.

ICRYPEX TOKEN Private (Pre) Sale)

Private selling can be defined as a sales process that includes certain advantages. The biggest advantage offered to users in the pre-sale of ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) is the 20% price discount. ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) will start trading at $1 when the board opens. However, if users participate in the pre-sale, they will be able to own the ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) for 0.80 cents.

ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) allocates 25 million tokens for private sale from a total supply of 500 million. This corresponds to 5% of the total supply.

All tokens sold in the private sale will be subject to a lock-up and released according to the table below.

L-Ups (L-Ups)Unlocking DatesRatioPeriodToken Amount
L-101.01.202410%30 Days2.500.000,00
L-231.01.202410%30 Days2.500.000,00
L-301.03.202410%30 Days2.500.000,00
L-431.03.202410%30 Days2.500.000,00
L-530.04.202415%30 Days3.750.000,00
L-630.05.202415%30 Days3.750.000,00
L-729.06.202415%30 Days3.750.000,00
L-829.07.202415%30 Days3.750.000,00
Total   25.000.000,00
Unlocking Process for Pre-Sold ICRYPEX TOKEN

As can be seen from the table above, ICRYPEX TOKENS (ICPX) sold in private sale will be unlocked within a total period of 8 months.

The first unlocking date is set for 01.01.2024. At this stage, 10% of the tokens held in the private sale, or 2.5 million in total, will be released. This process will continue for 8 months in 30-day periods.

In the period from 01.01.2024 to 30.04.2024, the release rate of tokens is 10% and the amount is set at 2.5 million. As of 30.04.2024, the unlocking rate of tokens for each period will change to 15% and the token amount will change to 3.75 million.

We anticipate that the ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX) token release process can be better understood with the following example;

Let’s assume that 100,000 tokens were bought in the pre-sale. 10% (10,000) of these 100,000 tokens will be released on 01.01.2024. Other tokens received from the pre-sale will be released according to the date order and rates specified in the table above.

We would like to state that the tokens that are not sold during the private sale process will be transferred to the staking pool and included in the cycle for users to earn rewards.


R&D stands for research and development. Research and development is the backbone of all industries, including the cryptocurrency sector. Because the only thing that will move any business, organization and individual forward is research and development processes.

R&D has always been one of the focal points of ICRYPEX. ICRYPEX’s goal of always advancing and diversifying its service offering also applies to the ICRYPEX TOKEN (ICPX). In this context, 5 million tokens were allocated for the R&D team.

The R&D team includes all ICRYPEX employees and some third parties involved in this project. Tokens reserved for the R&D team will be locked and released over a period of 4 years. These tokens reserved for the R&D team will be held in the users’ account. In case of termination of employees or partnership agreement for any reason, each remaining token will be transferred to the staking reward pool.

We would like to point out that these transactions will be recorded on the blockchain and announced by ICRYPEX every quarter.

Order Book

The order book can be defined as a list of trading orders sorted in real time. The order book also keeps a record of past transactions.

In ICRYPEX TOKEN, 45 million tokens are allocated for order book allocation and the transfer of this token amount to the order book will continue on a monthly basis for at least 72 months. This means that a maximum of 625,000 tokens will be issued each month until the beginning of January 2024. This very limited supply is critical in maintaining and increasing the value of ICRYPEX TOKEN. Although the total amount of ICRYPEX TOKEN is 500 million, the supply of ICRYPEX TOKEN, which will be opened for trading in small amounts, will be limited.

Staking Reward Pool

A staking reward pool is a place where the rewards that will be distributed to users as a result of staking transactions are collected.

Of the total amount of ICRYPEX TOKENS, 250 million, or 50%, are reserved for the staking reward pool. With each use of ICRYPEX TOKEN by users, the staking reward pool will be replenished and its capacity will increase.

Emission Management

Emission management in cryptocurrencies refers to regulating how much of a digital currency is in circulation and how it is produced. Emissions management involves controlling the supply of a cryptocurrency and the rate at which the supply increases. This governance can affect the value, price and economic stability of a cryptocurrency.

The factors by which total ICRYPEX TOKEN emissions are managed are as follows;

  • Supply function
  • Staking reward
  • Emission withdrawn from circulating supply, (added to staking reward pool)
  • ICPX tokens used in structured products
  • Available commission (paid with ICPX)
  • Other use cases

The aim of this controlled approach is to make token emission manageable and adaptable to different scenarios.

ICRYPEX TOKEN can be used to benefit from financial products, pay commissions, etc. will be used for functions. For detailed information about its intended use, you can check our blog post titled “What is ICRYPEX TOKEN?”.

Since ICRYPEX TOKEN will be used for many purposes, the amount in circulation decreases day by day. Considering that the supply of ICRYPEX TOKEN will be limited, it is likely that ICRYPEX TOKEN will be overvalued in the face of high demand.

To buy ICRYPEX TOKEN with a 20% discount, you can join the ongoing pre-sale and become a partner of the future today.

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